Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream Review!

Hi My Loves!!!

I've had quite a lot of people asking for me to do a review on the Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream SPF 30/PA++, that I've been wearing in my latest videos. I actually used to wear this a while back but stopped because at the time, my skin was much oilier and I had to set it with a powder
(the powder broke me out)....
I'm back to loving it once again and figured I would go over all the main points you may want to know about a foundation :)

Here's what it looks like and where you can get it:
I got mine from but it's currently out of stock there so......
 I found some on Amazon for only $18 :)

(Photo Source: Amazon)

Here's a picture of me wearing it with flash:

Without flash:

Onto the review :)

I absolutely LOVE the packaging. Not only is it pink, gold and super girly..... it comes in a tube with a pump :) YAH BUDDY.... no mess, no breaking... perfection!

I would definitely say full coverage. If you apply it with your fingers, then you can make it a little less coverage but it still covers everything you need to cover. I would recommend this to anyone that has scarring, acne, pigmention, redness.... basically almost anything you want to cover, it will cover :) 

I would say it's a natural finish. If you are oily, then you will definitely want to set this with a powder as it's not matte and will get a bit on the oily side as the day goes on. I'm dry and it's perfect without a powder. It doesn't look greasy but it doesn't look dry or cakey. It gives a nice glow, so that you look healthy but now dewy (if that makes sense)...

It's quite a thick consistency. It feels similar to the Mac Studio Sculpt but creamier. It doesn't run off your hand when you pump it out.

It applies so nicely. Blends so easy, doesn't dry ridiculously quick to where if you don't move fast enough you get a big splotch mark (I hate that). It's so creamy and you can apply it with your fingers for a lighter but still great coverage or the Sigma F80 for that flawless coverage. You can also go back and add more later, without it getting all wonky and discolored or cakey.

Wrinkle Friendliness:
I would say this is good for wrinkles. When applied with your fingers to the areas that have the darn little suckers... you can really make it so that it doesn't settle into them as much as other full coverage foundations.  

Lasting Power: 
Very good. On my dry skin it lasts all day with no touch ups whatsoever. It lasts through the heat, humidity, sweat etc. If you have oily skin I would set it with a powder and you will have the same lasting power. I would say it's at least an 8-10 hour foundation, if not until you take it off.

Now here is my only problemo with this foundation. It only comes in one shade (from what I am aware of).... insert sad face :( It's great if you are on the fairer side of the spectrum but as soon as you start to get a bit of a tan, it's definitely a bit pale. It almost tends to go a bit ashy looking compared to your chest if you do have a bit of color. That's my current problem. Obviously it's getting warmer and I take a lot of walks... even though I wear sunscreen on my body, I still pick up a little bit of a tan and so now the foundation is a tad too light by itself. But I found a solution that I think works beautifully!!!! I've just been mixing my MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30 with one pump of the BB Cream and because the MAC is so yellow it cancels out any ashy-ness (spelling?) and matches my tan so much better. COOL BEANS :) Plus the texture of the two mixed together is soooo nice! Amazing on the wrinkles and coverage :) ME LIKEY :) So if you are normally fair but get a little tan in the summer, then try that. I've been loving it so far!

Photo Friendly:
Now I don't think I would recommend this for a wedding, photo shoot, prom etc. It does have quite a high SPF in it, so it does cause that weird white cast (POO). My sister took a picture of me in the evening and I looked ridiculous. My chest was tan and my face was grey and deathly. If you take it with flash in the daylight, you will be ok.... but definitely not if it's dim or dark in the room... major no no. Without flash though, you can see from the pictures above that it photographs very well :)

Easy to Remove?
Easy to remove. It's not like the Revlon Colorstay where I feel like you need a thousand wipes for it to budge.... this comes off with one wipe and a good face wash :)

SPF: 30/PA++

SO AMAZING! I love applying it because it has such a lovely scent. It's a little bit floral but not old ladyish... I just love the smell. 

$18 on Amazon plus shipping

Who's it best for?
I would recommend this to a variety of skin types. From dry to oily, I think a lot of people will really like this foundation. If you are dry, don't set it with a powder. If you are oily, I think you will have to. If you have wrinkles (I do) it will work for you..... Basically anyone who likes that flawless coverage without looking cakey look, this is the product for you. It looks like skin, not foundation. However if you are someone who just wants a sheer coverage, it's probably not for you. If you are acne prone or have sensitive skin, you should be ok as I am but you never know... everyone is so different. The only thing you can do is try :)

Would I repurchase? 
FOR SHEEZY WEEZY :) I love this stuff! The fabulous thing about it, is you only need 1-2 pumps so it lasts a dilly dang long time! I've had mine for so long and used it consistently for a while before I stopped and now I've been using it almost every day for a good amount of time and I feel like I still have so much left. I would say this is well worth the money, as it's going to last at least 3-4 months with daily use (if not longer). 

Okie dokie... there are my thoughts. I hope this has helped all the people who have been asking about it :) I tried to cover everything I would want to know about it. 

Thanks so much for reading!

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend so far :)