Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: BLONDE & TAN!

Hi My Loves!!

I love old pictures, I also love looking at other people's old pictures. I think it's fun to see how much or how little people have changed throughout the years. Here's a little peek into my past if you feel like having a nosy around :)

This was my homecoming my Junior Year. I went with a date, it was ok. I was not really into dances in highschool... but I had a great time getting ready with my friends and going to dinner before. I think I wore a lot of black eyeliner.... I can't remember what else.

This was one of my Senior Portraits. I really loved my hair here. It was such a pretty color and looked super healthy. I had just gotten it colored and blow dried. I had thinner eyebrows than I have now if that's possible lol... Again with the black liner. I think that was the thing when I was in highschool. Just piling on the liner.

Here's me at Prom. I had platinum and dark red hair. It was very fried. I bleached it every 4 weeks! One time when I got out of the shower and took the towel off my head, my bangs came off in the towel. I cried. My Dad told me "I told you so" HAHA!!! I went with my boyfriend at the time (don't ask me what he was thinking with that cane.... haha. I think it was cool back then)

I tanned everyday for 20 minutes back then because I worked at a tanning salon and got free tanning. Sometimes I tanned twice a day and I always used the hot tingle lotion! I was obsessed! P.S. Please excuse my old lady hands (Yikes.... hand wrinkle cream here I come haha)

This was me at my brother's graduation. I still had the bleach blonde and red hair but I think I had chopped it off at this point. I was still tanning everyday as you can tell. It was hotter than anything that day in the bleachers. 

This was Halloween. I was a playboy bunny (that's why my fingers are up haha... they are supposed to be bunny ears). I was working at the hair salon and we all decided to dress up but I couldn't be too playboy bunnyish with everything hanging out, so I wore this haha!

My Nanny (Grandma) came to visit me for a whole summer and this was when I went to take her to the airport for her to go back to England. We were shopping in Sephora and she snapped this picture. That bra is horrible. I look like Madonna haha! I miss my Nanny so much, she's the best! 

This is actually one of my favorite old pictures of me. I think it's the blue jewelry making my eyes look super blue or something... maybe it's my hair. Notice the chopped out ex haha!!! I couldn't just throw out a good picture of me lol... has anyone else done that?? You are going through old pictures and find one with an ex but think... darn it I look good here! I know.... I'll just cut him out! Haha!!

My 21st birthday!!! My Nanny was there for it and got me all of these balloons and cute cards. She brought me flowers that morning and a little cake. It was super fun having her there with me :) I used to wear Bare Minerals foundation back then for years as it was the only one I could find to match my tan skin. I did actually really like it and can't remember why I stopped using it.... 

How tan was I here??? My goodness! This was 4th of July. I was at the beach starting from 7am and just baked myself in the sun with NOOOO sunscreen! We were going out to dinner before fireworks and I put my favorite white dress on at the time. I used to wear that dress all the time because it made me look tanner haha!! Can you say TANOHOLIC??

And here is where my new life began... and ever since then I've been the happiest girl alive :) Nothing better than being with your best friend and love of your life. I had never felt so comfortable with anyone else or even myself before until I met Jay. I'm so blessed to have found him so early in my life and I will always be so grateful for that. Shelly made my bouquet that day.... didn't she do a beautiful job?

So there is a peek into my past :)

Hope you enjoyed all the bleach blonde tan haha!!

Happy Thursday!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

OOTD: Crazy for Coral!

Hi My Loves!!

I have another OOTD post for you today! Whoa baby... two OOTD posts in one week!! CRAZY!!! :)

Here's what I'm wearing today:

 Lysse The New Skinny in Coral Leggings Link!
Lysse White Peplum Top: Link!
Fresh Produce White Cardigan: (my friend gave it to me so I don't know where it's from)
David & Young Coral Scarf Link!
Rose Gold Love Earrings Link!
Zigisoho Coral Studded Flats Link!

Can I just say how much I LOVE this peplum top and coral leggings. I went to gymnastics today and 3 of the Mom's and the teacher instantly asked where I got my top and pants and how cute they were.... way to feel snazzy!! I was pretty excited :) Haha!

Can't forget the babies outfits too!! I figured we would all be cutesy and match.... so we all wore some sort of coral and the Mom's noticed that too :)

Phoenix's OOTD:
T Shirt: Target
Old Navy Sweats
Car: Target :)

Lily's OOTD:
Vintage Cardigan
Top: Gap
Leggings: Early Days (Is that Primark?? They were a gift form my cousin who lives in England)

So there is a breakdown of what I'm wearing today :) I must say I felt rather delightful in my coral outfit today. Those flats are super comfy too. I might have to pick me up some more colors because it's hard to find comfy flats!!!

Thanks for reading and incase you missed my latest video:

I show you how to do a romantic bridal makeup, hair and nails.....

And I have a super fun blog post tomorrow, as well as a highly requested video going up first thing in the morning on my channel too!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The First Time I Wore Makeup.....

Hi My Loves!!!

I remember the first time I ever wore make up. I was in 4th grade and it was Halloween. I was dressing up as a saloon girl to go trick or treating and my Mom asked me if I wanted her to put some makeup on me seeing as it was Halloween.

I remember feeling so grown up and pretty. I remember my friend (who was a boy) said WOW you look pretty and different. I felt good. 

It's funny that at the age of 8 or 9, makeup made me feel different and prettier. I didn't wear makeup again until I was about 13 but I will never forget that first time my Mom applied my makeup and how I felt. Once I started at 13 I was hooked and up until only recently after having Lily did I stop wearing makeup on a daily basis. It was always that little something to make me feel a little better about myself. It's funny how something so simple like makeup can make someone feel so much more confident and pretty. I'm pretty comfortable to wear no makeup nowadays but I remember when I wouldn't even leave the house to take Moo for a walk without it haha!! Oh how things change when you have kids :)

When was the first time you wore makeup? How did it make you feel?

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

OOTD: Leopard & Nude!

Hi My Loves!!!

I'm loving all of my new Spring Accessories that I recently picked up so I thought I would share how I wore them today. It's been a super long time since I did an OOTD post! We went to playgroup today so I figured I had a chance to wear them :)

Here's a breakdown of everything I'm wearing today....

 MEK Denim Jeans (Buckle)
Liz Lange Maternity White Long Sleeve Top (Target)
Steve Madden Nude Belt (TJ Maxx)
KL Collection Robbie Cheetah Infinity Scarf Link!
Wanted Jewel Rose Nude Studded Flats Link!
Nails: Sation "Of Corset I'll Call You" Link!

And incase you are wondering.... my iPad case is by Rock Link! 

I didn't wear any makeup today and my hair is day old from curling it yesterday with my NuMe Curling Wand 25mm.

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments on this picture I posted this morning on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook :) A few of you asked where each thing was from so I figured I would just post it on here incase you wanted the items yourself :) 

I'm thinking about doing a Life Updates kind of video.... letting you know about the latest news and bits and bobs that's going on. Is that something you would be interested in?? I also really want to do the Draw My Life Tag... just trying to find the time to remember everything that's happened in my life and then write it down and then draw it while filming it, makes me think oh nevermind haha!!! That's a lot of work!!! 

Incase you missed my latest video..... I got a bunch of new Spring goodies!! 

Hope you are all having a lovely week so far!

Thanks for watching/reading :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lily's 7 Month Update!

Hi My Loves!!!

It's that time again for a Lily update! Lily's 7 Month Update to be precise! I just can't believe that it's already been 7 months since I gave birth to her!!! They say time flies when you are having fun and we must be having a WHOLE LOTTA' FUN because it's just cruising by! Here is Lily in her cute tights and Minnie Mouse dress :) What a little cute she is! Can't forget my handsome little man! He loves his hippo shirt :)

 No new measurements this month.

Lily is mostly wearing 9 month clothing now. There are some brands that she can wear 6-9 months still so it really just depends on the brand. For diapers we are still using Pampers and can use a size 2 or 3. I haven't noticed a difference in either one really.

As far as development goes, she's doing really well. Here's what she can do:
❤ Roll over from front to back and back to front
❤ Sits without support
❤ Grab things and hold onto toys
❤ Follows things with her eyes 
❤ She can spot us from a good distance (her little face lights up when she sees Phoenix running towards her)
❤ She now will get upset if she sees me walk away from her
❤ Knows Mommy, Daddy & Phoenix
❤ Responds to noises & faces
❤ Babbles, squeals... she's quite the singer
❤ Says Mama over and over
❤ Big belly laughs (mainly at her funny brother)
❤ Kicks when she's on tummy time and scooches around into a full circle
❤ Grabs her toes and pulls them up towards her chest when she's on her back.
❤ Tries to grab things out of my hand (food, water bottles, phone etc)
❤ Jumps really well in her bouncer (she loves that thing)
❤ Reaches for toys above her and pulls on them

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Lily is doing so well with eating. That girl can eat!!!  I'm making everything with our Baby Bullet and I'm just loving it and so is she. I'm still on the schedule of trying a new food for at least 2-3 days before trying another one. That way I can track how she reacts to it.

Here's a list of the things she has tried:
 ❤ Rice Cereal
 ❤ Banana
 ❤ Pear
 ❤ Sweet Potato
 ❤ Avocado
 ❤ Peas
 ❤ Apples

She doesn't particularly care for peas as you may have been able to tell in our vlog the other day:

Everything else she has really enjoyed. She usually eats 1 to 1 1/2 baby bullet servings. Once in the morning and another one at dinner time. Occasionally I will give her a banana in a mesh feeder at lunch time, so that she's not left out while Phoenix and I are eating. I mixed her peas with pears the other night and she liked it a little more but she knew they were still in there haha!! Smart little cookie! I have noticed that the peas gave her more gas than usual though. She is still breastfeeding really well. 

Her sleeping has been a little different the last week or so. I'm not sure if it's because she's been eating more solids or maybe she is having a growth spurt but she has been waking up more frequently in the night to nurse. Up until now she was a really great sleeper so that's slightly different than her 6 month update. She usually takes one nap a day when Phoenix goes down for his in the afternoon. If we are out and about though she sleeps in her carseat. Sometimes if she's super tired she will take a nap at home in the mid morning but for the most part just the one longer one in the afternoon. I think she has also been dreaming because I've noticed she will make little wimpers like she is sort of crying but not and then she will make a sad face or smile etc... it's rather cute to watch :) She is still in our room in her bassinet/pack and play and I must admit I like it that way. She's close to me and it works for us. I'm actually dreading putting her in her own room. I'm just not ready for her to be away from me at night haha!! Like I said before I'm planning on moving her into her own room at 9 months, so a couple of months unless things change.

No teeth yet although I have noticed a lot more drooling this month as wel as a lot of fingers and toys in the mouth, so I think we can expect to see one soon :) I don't feel anything or see anything but I'm sure one day it will just peek through. I can't say she has been fussier though so she's not having any pain so that's good.

I'm just so amazed at how good she is. She's been such a breeze to transition to solids. She pretty much eats anything I give her and even when she's not too fond of it, she still eats it haha! She's so happy and loves to play and watch Phoenix. She's so alert and really enjoys being sang and read to. She still loves to look at books and is really trying to grab for everything that Phoenix is playing with :) Her bouncer is her best friend. SHe loves that thing, she just bounces and jumps like crazy in there!! Overall she is doing so well and growing so fast. I'm wondering if next months update I will be saying she's crawling and has teeth?? We shall see!!

And if Mommy and Baby things float your boat then make sure you go and subscribe to my Mommy Channel!!! It's geared more towards us Mama's :)

Here is my latest video of Phoenix when he was 12 months old!!! So cute!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Glossybox 2013!

Hi My Loves!!!

I'm back with another Glossybox Review. Here's what I got in April's box :)

Get Yours Here:

Same pale pink box like always :)

I was super excited when I opened it and had a whiff. It smelled amazing! That soap made the entire box smell like summer :)

Here's everything I got.

Elite Models Liquid Liner (Full Size $15.00)

This is a nice flat dark chocolate brown. The applicator is like a felt tip. No brush. It is nice and thin so you can get really close to the lash line and a nice precise, thin line. It's a tad stiffer than I like but it's fairly easy to use. I didn't notice any transfer when rubbing it on my hand but I haven't had a chance to wear it all day yet. I will keep you updated on the longevity of it on the eye :)

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Ultra Firm Finishing Hairspray (Full Size $17.00)
I haven't had a chance to try this yet but I can say I was impressed with the Sebastian product I got in last months box. This doesn't smell overly bad or good. Just kind of regular hairspray scent. 

Model Co Cheek & Lips Tint (Full Size $24.00)
I was excited when I saw this product because I have used a few Model Co things in the past and have been very impressed. This has a nice formula. It's not stick or tacky to apply. It blends easily and goes on almost like water. I love that it leaves a very subtle pinch of color. Some tints can be so bright that they are just not wearable. I feel like this one is something that can be worn easily. As far as lasting power goes, I haven't had a chance to test it out for more than an hour but I will definitely give it a go and let you know! 

You can see how it just gives a tiny tint of color. I like that :)

Prestiche Indie Dreaming Lemongrass Soap with Olive Oil (Full Size $16.99)
This soap smells amazing. The whole box and everything in it, smelled like it when I opened it. The soap itself didn't last very long. Jay and I both used it for about a week and it's almost gone. It gets quite soft once you keep it in the shower (to be fair though I probably let the water run on it a bit too much).... It leaves you feeling squeaky clean which you guys know I'm not fond of. It did smell amazing though and lathered decently but it's not something I would rush out and buy. I just don't like feeling squeaky clean. It didn't dry my skin out though, so that's good.

It also came with a $40 Gift Certificate. I was very excited thinking I could get a few things. Turns out this line is on the pricey side and most things were close or over $40. I chose an oil that was $ 30+. I figured the left over amount that I hadn't spent would cover shipping. Turns out shipping was extra (that's annoying)... I was expecting to be able to put the amount left over towards the shipping and I couldn't, so I ended up not getting anything at all as the shipping was $12. Does that make me cheap? Maybe.... but I'd rather spend the extra $12 on something I really want :) So that was a tad annoying. I feel like if you are going to have a gift voucher, let me put it towards the shipping to. 

Koh Gen Do Cosmetics Oriental Plants Emollient Cream (Full Size $123.00)
I can not justify $123.00 for a cream however this cream does feel absolutely amazing at first touch. It's creamy, smooth and glides onto the skin like butter. I can't say of the long term benefits as it's only a small sample and I haven't used it more than once but when I did put it on my skin, it instantly felt soooo soft and glowy. This might not be good for someone with oily skin though as it is quite thick and could tend to be a tad greasy throughout the day (I'm guessing).... The website claims that it gives you Vitality, Luminosity and Hydration. At first application I would agree with that. You can see in the pictures above how luminous my skin looks. You don't need much of this cream, a little spreads all over the face. I will keep you updated on how I like it. 

So there you go. My thoughts on all the goodies I got in my box this month. Overall I was happy with the things I got. I just wish that gift certificate would have included the shipping. I'm excited for the tint! Hope this helps :)

Have you signed up for GLOSSYBOX and what did you think of your box this month?

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Win a TRIP to NYC!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

My friend Kassie and I were talking about working out a few weeks ago and she recommended a workout video on you tube for me to try. 

This was the one she recommended and this kills your booty and thighs!! It's rather funny to do as some of the moves are real booty shakers. I highly recommend doing this with a friend as it would be so funny :) 


BS and I did it yesterday and it was sooooo fun!


I was so sore the next day and it only took me 10 minutes to do! Perfect for a busy Mama or anyone that doesn't want to go to the gym for an hour to get that "burn".... I browsed through a few more of the videos on POPSUGARFITNESS and they have some super great workouts and recipes, so go on over and check them out. I haven't tried any of the other ones yet (I love my BUTI workout) but I def need to! The BUTI one is fun because it's like yoga and dancing all in one and it's so quick :) But don't be fooled, you will be pooped!

Anyway, right now they are having a Giveaway for a chance to win a trip for two to NYC, including airfare and hotel, to attend one of their FITSUGAR class events with a Celebrity Trainer, as well as a $500 Nike gift card :) I thought I'd share with you guys seeing as a free vacation is always fun... plus a $500 Nike gift card! Imagine all the yoga pants I could buy with that haha!!! I'm entering for sure :) Hope you guys do too and Good Luck!

All you have to do is sign up for their new POPSUGAR fitness email and you will be entered into the giveaway :)

Bikini season (or Swimsuit/Tankini for some of us haha) is approaching and I'm starting to feel the need to get rid of this Mommy pooch :) 

So let me know if you have tried the Buti Workout or any of the other workouts on POPSUGARFITNESS. If there are any specific ones you think I may like let me know! We can do them together! I'll let you know if I find any other fun ones :)

Thanks for reading and Good Luck! 

Don't forget to enter!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Get Ready With Me: Trying New Products!

Hi My Loves!!!

I have a new Get Ready With Me today, filming for the first time in my new filming room :) YAY!! So exciting! Jay and I have been working on this over the past week and I'm in love with the way it turned out. I still have a few things I want to get but for now I am so happy with it! 

Incase you are wondering about the paint color on the wall it's Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue. We just used Valspar paint from Lowes and got it color matched though :)

Revlon Nearly Naked FOundation in 130 SHell w/ Revive Beauty SPonge & Sigma F88
Maybelline Instant AGe Rewind Undereye Concealer in Fair w/ P88
Physicians Formula How To Wear Bronzer w/ F40
Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Blush w/ F10
Physicians Formula Super BB All-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder Light/Medium w/ F35
MAC Veronicas Blush Pearlmatte Face Powder w/ F35
MAC Paint Bare Canvas
Maybelline Define A Brow in Medium Brown
NYX Deep Red Lip Liner
Physicians Formula Sexy Booster Sexy Glow Glossy Stain in Red
Sigma Resort Palette e/s Luna & Topaz w/E35 $ E55
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Liquid Metal Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks Collection in Black
Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin FakeOut Mascara


Thanks so much for all of the sweet comments in my last March Favorites Video :) Glad you like the new set up! I'm in love!!

Happy Monday!