Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: BLONDE & TAN!

Hi My Loves!!

I love old pictures, I also love looking at other people's old pictures. I think it's fun to see how much or how little people have changed throughout the years. Here's a little peek into my past if you feel like having a nosy around :)

This was my homecoming my Junior Year. I went with a date, it was ok. I was not really into dances in highschool... but I had a great time getting ready with my friends and going to dinner before. I think I wore a lot of black eyeliner.... I can't remember what else.

This was one of my Senior Portraits. I really loved my hair here. It was such a pretty color and looked super healthy. I had just gotten it colored and blow dried. I had thinner eyebrows than I have now if that's possible lol... Again with the black liner. I think that was the thing when I was in highschool. Just piling on the liner.

Here's me at Prom. I had platinum and dark red hair. It was very fried. I bleached it every 4 weeks! One time when I got out of the shower and took the towel off my head, my bangs came off in the towel. I cried. My Dad told me "I told you so" HAHA!!! I went with my boyfriend at the time (don't ask me what he was thinking with that cane.... haha. I think it was cool back then)

I tanned everyday for 20 minutes back then because I worked at a tanning salon and got free tanning. Sometimes I tanned twice a day and I always used the hot tingle lotion! I was obsessed! P.S. Please excuse my old lady hands (Yikes.... hand wrinkle cream here I come haha)

This was me at my brother's graduation. I still had the bleach blonde and red hair but I think I had chopped it off at this point. I was still tanning everyday as you can tell. It was hotter than anything that day in the bleachers. 

This was Halloween. I was a playboy bunny (that's why my fingers are up haha... they are supposed to be bunny ears). I was working at the hair salon and we all decided to dress up but I couldn't be too playboy bunnyish with everything hanging out, so I wore this haha!

My Nanny (Grandma) came to visit me for a whole summer and this was when I went to take her to the airport for her to go back to England. We were shopping in Sephora and she snapped this picture. That bra is horrible. I look like Madonna haha! I miss my Nanny so much, she's the best! 

This is actually one of my favorite old pictures of me. I think it's the blue jewelry making my eyes look super blue or something... maybe it's my hair. Notice the chopped out ex haha!!! I couldn't just throw out a good picture of me lol... has anyone else done that?? You are going through old pictures and find one with an ex but think... darn it I look good here! I know.... I'll just cut him out! Haha!!

My 21st birthday!!! My Nanny was there for it and got me all of these balloons and cute cards. She brought me flowers that morning and a little cake. It was super fun having her there with me :) I used to wear Bare Minerals foundation back then for years as it was the only one I could find to match my tan skin. I did actually really like it and can't remember why I stopped using it.... 

How tan was I here??? My goodness! This was 4th of July. I was at the beach starting from 7am and just baked myself in the sun with NOOOO sunscreen! We were going out to dinner before fireworks and I put my favorite white dress on at the time. I used to wear that dress all the time because it made me look tanner haha!! Can you say TANOHOLIC??

And here is where my new life began... and ever since then I've been the happiest girl alive :) Nothing better than being with your best friend and love of your life. I had never felt so comfortable with anyone else or even myself before until I met Jay. I'm so blessed to have found him so early in my life and I will always be so grateful for that. Shelly made my bouquet that day.... didn't she do a beautiful job?

So there is a peek into my past :)

Hope you enjoyed all the bleach blonde tan haha!!

Happy Thursday!