Saturday, May 4, 2013

Need a Smile???

Hi My Loves!!

I was going through some of my pictures and found myself smiling the whole way through. There is nothing like a child's beautiful face to make you smile. My babies are the light of my life, the apples of my eye and what I wake up so happy for, everyday. I hope if you need a little pick me up or someone to put a smile on your face, these pictures of my little angels help :)


Here's my little monkey with his hair combed all snazzy after his bath :)

Driving his friends car at playgroup.... he's an excellent driver!

Gotta love when they put on Mama's shoes and walk around in their pj's and huge boots :)

"I look good!'

Just chillin'

My little Lily Bug having some snuggle time with Mama :) 

"YEAH BABY" (He loves his turbie twisty)

"Oh Me?" 

Haha here is a total paparazzi shot! He was not having it :)

Lily just watching the kids at play group :)

Look at this little beauty! She justs melts my heart :)

Right in the middle of a tickle session :)

My favorite pj's of Lily's. They are so cute ;)

I love these pictures of Lily sitting in her big girl chair :) She hasn't quite figured out the flash on the camera yet (she always looks like she's sleepy haha!)

What a big girl!!!

Look at all that hair.... he is so cute!!!

Phoenix's first cheesecake and a cookie at Auntie BS's house. She spoils him :) He liked it but not as much as the cookie haha!

If those didn't make you smile.... this one has to! How can this little face not make you instantly grin? 

People ask how I stay so happy..... it's because I get to look at these beautiful faces every single day, all day long. They just make me so happy and I feel so very blessed to have such healthy, happy babies :) Life is great!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!