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Memebox Unboxing #10

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Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe: Close Up Swatches!

 Hi My Loves!!!

The other day I found an eyeshadow palette for $13.88 that looked so similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette. I picked it up so I could do a comparison/dupe video for you guys because let's face it, $54 vs $13.88 is a huge difference. If I can save you $40... I will haha :) 


Here are some close up pictures of the swatches. The top is the Urban Decay Naked palette. The bottom is the Makeup Works. 

Top: Urban Decay // Bottom: Makeup Works

Top: Urban Decay // Bottom: Makeup Works

Makeup Works:

Urban Decay Naked:

They both come with brushes too.

Here are the two palettes next to each other. 

Hope that's helped make up your mind and has made your wallet happy :) 

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8 Uses For Breast Milk

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GRWM: Easy Way To Wear Neon

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Cutest Picture Ever & Mini Clothing Haul.....

Hi My Loves!!!

Long time no blog.... or at least it seems like it? I'm not sure actually how long it's been but I think it's been around a week! Either way, I have a new one today so yay!!

Yesterday we had some nice weather for once in our lives :) We decided to go for a walk to the park with the kids seeing as it was so pretty out. Phoenix discovered his love for dandelions (fairy flowers as we like to call them).... Lily hasn't quite decided whether she likes them or not. I did catch some really cute pictures of them though. I figured I would share the cuteness.

This might possibly be my favorite picture of Phoenix that I have ever taken. All of these were taken with my Nokia Lumia 1020 incase you are wondering (and no they do not know I am writing this blog post or anything like that).... I just love how great everything turns out when I take pictures with it ;) 

Phoenix was having so much fun blowing the "Tinkerbells"

Lily was staring at something haha :) 

She just wasn't too sure about how fluffy they were haha! 

How cute is Lily Bug?

I also got a few new items of clothing from Music City Pretty Boutique  (follow her on Instagram too) that I was super excited to try on, so I figured I would do a late night selfie clothing haul with a messy bedroom (we're painting our bedroom)... and a huge bun! Oh and a dusty mirror :) These pictures are so un "guru" like and super unprofessional but hey that's just me. If you follow me, you should know that by now. How do you like Moo and Bella photobombing me haha?

This shirt is super cute, it's white on the front with rhinestones and then black with a really fun back. Super flowy material and nice and loose on the tummy. I have a Medium incase you need a size reference.

This is the back (excuse the clear hanger straps)... this was a random spur of the moment, unplanned haul :) I don't know what is going on with the shadow on my back but I can assure you I don't have a weird half moon white patch.

This top is perfect for summer. With one of my Victorias Secret bralettes under it will be so cute for summer. Plus it's nice and loose incase you don't have a perfect flat tummy. Paired up with some denim or white shorts... perfect!

The next top is so comfy! It's so soft. I can't wait to wear this with some skinny jeans and some cute flats or sandals.

The colors just scream summer to me.

Last item is this leopard and mint scarf. I love scarves and this has two of my favorite scarves I already have mixed into one ;) YAY! 

To see more of the cute stuff Music City Pretty Boutique has, head on over to her store and use the code Sam10 for 10% off. Huge thanks to Tina for these items! I love them :) CLICK HERE FOR HER STORE!

BS and I also had a little girly time and painted our nails. Mine were so chipped, so it was time! BS did the Covergirl Outlast Mint Mojito with Julie G's Nail Polish in Light It Up over the top. I had Julie G's Sound The Alarm with Light It Up over. Love her polishes. They are so amazing.

Last but not least my favorite Instagram picture I've seen yet. I saw this on my sweet friend JulieGBeautys instagram and couldn't help but laugh because this is what my hair looks most days (the one with the bird on top) and Jay and I totally watched the end of Pocahontas when the kids were napping yesterday and I was thinking the whole time how amazing her hair and lips were... then I saw this. Had to regram it ;)

Hope you all had a great weekend! Ours started amazing and ended a little differently but you will just have to watch our vlog tomorrow to find out why :)
Here was the fabulous part of our weekend....

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Sunday Sizzles & Fizzles 5-18-2014

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BEST GIVEAWAY EVER! Tory Burch, Tieks & Wantable

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Clothing Haul & Try On!

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GRWM: Ready Set Grogeous!

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NatureBox Unboxing

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Memebox #7 Unboxing!

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NEW Katy Perry & COVERGIRL #instaGLAM Collection

Hi My Loves!!!

Today's video and blogpost is featuring the new Covergirl & Katy Perry #instaGLAM collection. I looked everywhere for mine.... Target, Walmart, CVS and Ulta. NO LUCK! I finally found the display on the end cap at Walgreens. YAY :) I was so excited to try this out. I'm a fan of Katy Perry and her makeup so I really wanted to try this line out. I have a haul video showing you everything I picked up from the line but I wanted to share with you exactly what the display looks like in the store and all of the other products that they have, that I didn't pick up.

Here's the gorgeous Katy Perry showing off the new collection. How amazing does her makeup look??? I'm in love with this look! 

So the collection has a new foundation, concealer, powder foundation, makeup remover wipes, nail polish, lipslick smoochies, and fat eyeliner pencils (cream shadow sticks) whatever you want to call them :) They also have a huge range of new shades of the Outlast All Day Lip Color. 

This is what the display looks like. It's actually a really eye catching display. It's all very easy to find the shades and products.

Here it is including the Outlast lipglosses up top too.

I feel like the polishes are a little small so I didn't pick any up. They did have fun, bright, summery colors though. I also didn't pick up any of the eye pencils either. I felt like the colors were either too light for an eye color for me or just not Summery enough. I felt like they were more Fall colors. The smoochies are really pretty and they had a lot of colors to choose from. They smell like Raspberry too ;)

The Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation was on sale from $8.99 down to $6.99 and same for the powder. The concealer was on sale for even cheaper at $5.99. For those prices, it's hard to pass up! There are a nice range of shades in all three of the face products. I feel like a lot of different skin tones will be able to find a shade that works for them. I will have a full review and application of the foundation, concealer & powder coming up very soon, so keep your eyes open for that. 

There are 12 shades of foundation, 6 shades of powder and concealer. They have numbers on the powders and concealers that match up to the foundation so that if you are having a hard time, it kind of helps decide for you. I did feel like the concealer runs a little light (but does end up looking good) and the powder runs dark, so keep that in mind.

Now they also have some new Colorlicious glosses. These had 13 shades ranfing from a very frosty champagne, a hot orange to a deep plum. These are very glossy and so far seem very nice. They are not opaque color though. These are a typical, more sheer lipgloss. They do smell like playdough. Lots of fun, vibrant colors for Summer. I will be doing a lip swatch video and review on the shades that I picked up soon too.

So that is the collection. Don't forget to watch my haul video to see which items I picked up. 


What items do you have your eyes on? Which ones "float your goat?" 

Thanks for reading/watching!

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Glossybox Unboxing April!

Hi My Loves!!!

I have a Glossybox Unboxing for you today. I just got mine a couple of days ago. This is the Glossybox for April :) Here's what was in mine this month. 

Same pink packaging like always ;) 

It comes with a little pamphlet telling you what each product does and how much it retails for. 

LA SPLASH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sealer Base $9.00
I actually already have this stuff. It's amazing. You can buy it at Ulta and I've had it for a few years. It's amazing at helping your loose glitter stay on your eyelids all day long. It makes the glitter super vibrant and it helps you from getting glitter fall out all over your face. Thumbs up for this product.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Super Lipgloss ~ Vanilla Pink $24.50
I didn't even swatch this lipgloss because I know that it's not the right color for me. I actually have a friend that I know it would look amazing on, so I will be giving it to her. It's just too bronze for me. Thumbs down on this one.

Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme $10.00
This is another item that I will be giving away. I'm not too keen on Lavender. It was my Mom's favorite scent which I think is lovely but I just don't care for it myself. I didn't even try this either because I thought my Nanny would love this. Her birthday is coming up and it would be nice to send to her. Her whole bedroom is lavender and I think it would make her think of my Mommy :) Thumbs down only because I don't like the scent.

Ciate Paint Pots ~ London $15.00
This polish is actually a really beautiful color. It's a nice red but comes off with a pinky tint when you apply it. Applies nicely and I like the packaging. Thumbs up!

Caldrea Tea Olive Lime Body Wash $18.00 
This is a very subtle scent. It's not overpowering at all but I can't really say it smells like lime. It's a hard scent to describe. I was actually excited to see this because these sizes are awesome for when I travel. I'll be saving this for when my travel size body wash that I have already runs out ;) Thumbs up! 

Overall I am happy with this box. 3 out of 5 is pretty good. I love the eyeshadow sealer base and the polish is beautiful. Love that I have another travel size body wash as well. Plus I like the fact that I have two perfect people to give the items that I don't care for, to. 

Get your Glossybox HERE!!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you all had a nice weekend!

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Sunday Sizzles & Fizzles 5-4-2014

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Product Empties: April