Monday, May 5, 2014

Glossybox Unboxing April!

Hi My Loves!!!

I have a Glossybox Unboxing for you today. I just got mine a couple of days ago. This is the Glossybox for April :) Here's what was in mine this month. 

Same pink packaging like always ;) 

It comes with a little pamphlet telling you what each product does and how much it retails for. 

LA SPLASH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Sealer Base $9.00
I actually already have this stuff. It's amazing. You can buy it at Ulta and I've had it for a few years. It's amazing at helping your loose glitter stay on your eyelids all day long. It makes the glitter super vibrant and it helps you from getting glitter fall out all over your face. Thumbs up for this product.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Super Lipgloss ~ Vanilla Pink $24.50
I didn't even swatch this lipgloss because I know that it's not the right color for me. I actually have a friend that I know it would look amazing on, so I will be giving it to her. It's just too bronze for me. Thumbs down on this one.

Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme $10.00
This is another item that I will be giving away. I'm not too keen on Lavender. It was my Mom's favorite scent which I think is lovely but I just don't care for it myself. I didn't even try this either because I thought my Nanny would love this. Her birthday is coming up and it would be nice to send to her. Her whole bedroom is lavender and I think it would make her think of my Mommy :) Thumbs down only because I don't like the scent.

Ciate Paint Pots ~ London $15.00
This polish is actually a really beautiful color. It's a nice red but comes off with a pinky tint when you apply it. Applies nicely and I like the packaging. Thumbs up!

Caldrea Tea Olive Lime Body Wash $18.00 
This is a very subtle scent. It's not overpowering at all but I can't really say it smells like lime. It's a hard scent to describe. I was actually excited to see this because these sizes are awesome for when I travel. I'll be saving this for when my travel size body wash that I have already runs out ;) Thumbs up! 

Overall I am happy with this box. 3 out of 5 is pretty good. I love the eyeshadow sealer base and the polish is beautiful. Love that I have another travel size body wash as well. Plus I like the fact that I have two perfect people to give the items that I don't care for, to. 

Get your Glossybox HERE!!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you all had a nice weekend!

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