Sunday, November 29, 2015

DIY Hot Cocoa Station & Christmas Decor Tour!

Happy Holidays!!!

I'm so excited for the holidays this year. I don't know what's got my so festive but I'm loving it and decorating is my favorite part!! I recently just took advanatage of Target's $50 off coupon on thier holiday selection and here's what I put together.

 I found this tray at a garage sale and spray painted it gold with Rustoleum. The mugs and plate are from TJ Maxx. Be sure to checkout my @tjmaxxstyle IG for everything I find at TJ Maxx. 

Everything else unless other wise stated is from Target ;)

 This sign was in the dollar section in the front of the store. It was $3!

TJ Maxx find filled with Lindt chocolate truffles. YUM!

 I added some candy canes to Santa's mug to add a little extra festiveness and also give give an awesome hair do :) Add some yummy Peppermint chocolates to the plate and that is one festive little Santa plate. 

 I also found this little basket in the dollar section for $3. I found a gift set of the different hot cocoa's in the Christmas section and added two of the boxes, along with the Starbuck's Instant Peppermint Mocha sachets. 

 This mug and glass jar were also in the dollar section, as well as the straws. I bought the stickers in the dollar section as well and just added them to the containers for an extra little touch. Add some mini marshmallows to the glass jar and it just brings the hot cocoa station to the next level of cuteness and yummyness. 

The Believe sign is handmade by my friend Laura. She has an Etsy shop and her signs are adorable! They are also 15% off until Dec 31st :) 
Be sure to check her signs out here: RUSTICREATIONSLR

 The skis were found in the dollar section as well. The vase is from TJ Maxx and the pine cones are from Target and TJ Maxx. The white ones are from Target. 

 This little table is a Craigslist score, but it's from Ikea. It's the Hemnes. The clock is from Ross, spray painted gold. The bird is from Target. The jars are from TJ Maxx and so is the dish. Just add some candy and voila! A festive little candy station. You can't have Christmas without chocolate and candy canes.

 These are the Cadbury Eggs but in their Christmas version. YUM! 

 I added the stickers from the dollar section in Target to the front of these as well. 

 The lamp and sign are from Target. Everything else is from TJ Maxx including the stand.

 I found these stocking holders at Target last year for the kids. I found the snowflake ones this year at TJ Maxx and I belive the stockings are also from TJ Maxx.

 This beauty is from Target. 

 Jay made this tree for me for jewlery storage but I thought it would be perfect to store my new Starbucks ornmanents collection. I'm obsessed with these ornaments. They are so cute! 

 These Christms tree cones were also in the dollar section in Target. Candles are from TJ Maxx and the stand is the Hemnes from Ikea. 

 These squirrels are from Ross.

 The marble tree, animals, balls, wood tray, globe and runner are from Target. Dishes, lantern and vases are from TJ Maxx. 

 I love this globe. It plays Silent Night, which is my favorite Christmas song.

 I found some little lights in the dollar section in Target and put them in the lantern :)

 The reindeer lights are also from the dollar section from Target. See a pattern here. Hit the dollar section first haha!.

Ok guys! That's everything for now. I'll do an updated one once everything is finished. I have the tour over on my mommy channel so be sure to check that baby out ;)

Thank you!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Top 5 Woodland Creature Holiday Sweaters!

Hi Guys!

I was looking at Macy's Black Friday sales and stumbled upon this fabulous holiday sweaters. They have some AMAZING sales right now so if you need to do some Christmas shopping, now's the time because most of these are half off! They also have awesome sales on kids clothes and so much more!

I'm really into woodland creatures this year and I think these sweaters are so cute with the foxes and squirrels and of course, deer! 


 Hope you enjoy my picks!

Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to thank you all so very much for watching us, reading my blog, following me on social media and for all of your love and support throughout the years. I appreciate you guys more than you know and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. Thank you for making it possible to do a job I love so much. If it wasn't for you guys, I wouldn't be able to be doing what I'm doing and I wouldn't have the lovely opportunities that come my way. Thank you! I love you guys. xx