Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Kids First Time Sledding!

We got a snow storm the other day and it left us with a nice little base to go out and find ourselves a sledding spot. We got some sleds from Kmart (they're actually really awesome) and we geared up for a fun day of sledding. All of these pictures were taken by my brother Brad. If you want to see more of his amazing photography be sure to check out his website HERE and his Instagram HERE. Be sure to follow him on IG. He just hit 5,000 and I know it would make his day if he could get to 5100 :) Let's help him get there!! He has amazing photography on there. He's so talented.

I hope you enjoy the shots he got! Leave a comment below telling me your favorite! 

The vlog is still processing but it will be up soon on TheSchuermanShow :) 

Thanks for reading!