Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Winner!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

We have a weiner for my Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Giveaway!!! The lucky girly will be winning all of these delightful makeup goodies :)

And the winner is...... Jamie Barton!!!

Congrats lovely!!! Thanks so much for entering :)

For those of you who entered thank you so much for entering but don't worry there will be more giveaways now with the holidays coming :)

Thanks so much for reading!

Happy Halloween!!!!!

(Source: Google)

Have fun and brush your teeth after all that candy (what a Mom) haha........

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Benefits of Not Wearing Makeup.....

Hi My Loves!!!

This was me last week while I was out shopping at the mall with Baby Sistor. This is what I always look like (minus the glassess haha) when I go out. Whether I'm just running to the grocery store or going all out to the mall (yah baby)..... if you were to run into me, this is what you would see. Hair pulled back into a messy bun, yoga pants, a zip up hoodie and no makeup. This is what a Mommy of a 6 week old and a 20 month old looks like (please tell me I'm not the only one!!!) Haha!

As we were walking, Baby Sistor was taking a sip of her Starbucks and it spilled a little down her. I was telling her that the same thing used to happen to me when I wore makeup because I didn't want to ruin my lipgloss. That is when I was inspired for this blog post..... the benefits of not wearing makeup!!!

#1. You won't spill your coffee down you worrying about ruining your lipgloss!
Haha no really though.... I constantly used to spill drinks down me trying not to mess up my lipgloss.  Are BS and I the only ones?? 

#2. Your skin will love you!
My skin is in the best condition it has ever been. It's as soft as my babies skin (that's soft).... It's all because I haven't been wearing makeup. My skin can breathe for once in it's 27 year old life and it's loving it. I used to wear foundation every single day of my life, no matter what I was doing or where I was going and this month I wore makeup 2 times.... the entire month! Now I must say I do not look snazzy or feel snazzy for that matter but my skin is very soft and clear haha!

#3. You get ready super fast!
When you are a Mommy, time management is key. Getting out of the house for us is trickier than people think. I know, that as soon as I'm done nursing her I have about 2 hours to get out of the house, where we need to be and getting what we need to get done, done..... before she's ready to nurse again. Needless to say, there isn't much time for me to get ready. That is why there isn't any time at the moment for makeup. I quickly throw on some clothes, put my hair up and then spend the rest of the time getting my little ones ready to go, making sure my diaper bag is stocked and making sure nobody is going out the door hungry....

#4. You can kiss your babies/hubby without leaving lip gloss all over them!
Jay always used to complain that he could never kiss me without "getting sticky crap all over his lips" Haha!!! Now he loves being able to kiss me with my gloss free lips and hug me knowing that I'm not going to smear foundation and half of my eyebrow all over his clothes before work. Also, I can kiss on my babies all I want, as much as I want because I don't have to worry about getting makeup all over their delicate skin :)

#5. It saves you money!
Last but not least...... it's definitely friendlier on the budget when you are not constantly on the hunt for the newest, latest and greatest makeup palette or foundation. I'm sure Jay loves that haha!! Now I get excited about buying strollers. Actually I can honestly say I was more excited when I got my new double stroller here's the one we bought (I LOVE IT) than I ever was with a new makeup item haha! Anything to make my life just a tad bit easier is alright by me :)

So there you have it.... the benefits of not wearing makeup. Now don't get me wrong, I still LOVE my makeup and how it makes me feel when I wear it..... I'm just trying to make the other Mama's out there feel better about not having the time to look snazzy like we once did haha :) And hopefully there ARE other Mommy's out there that don't get time to wear makeup or else I'm gonna feel like a total loner! ;)

Hope this amused you in some way :)

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Come Shop With Me & BS!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I sure did!!! Baby Sistor and I went shopping last week to pick up some last minute Halloween goodies and we had so much fun! I love my BS :) 

So come on a shopping tour with us and see what we saw.....

First stop was The Icing. I haven't been in that store for so long! We were having so much fun... I felt like a teeny bopper again :) Glasses anyone????
(How cute is BS with her new hair?) 

Here's what BS picked up from Icing. I love that bracelet with her skin color!! So pretty! No luck on the Halloween department but these were too cute to resist!

I was eyeing the Marilyn Monroe goodies..... love me some Marilyn. I didn't get anything but they were very cute!

These skinny jeans were at Wet Seal. I love the Damask pattern on them. The scarf was in Icing. The little giraffes are so cute. I liked how lightweight it was.

Then we headed over to Victoria's Secret (BS's favorite store) because she was trying to find some ruffly pink undies to go under her costume (no luck)..... I love these hoodies!! SO CUTE! Love all the sequins going on in VS right now. Then of course we had to go and have a sniffy around the smelly section :)

Those were my favorite scents!!! YUM! Plus that oil makes you glisten like a goddess and smell like a delightful flower :)

So now you have been virtual shopping with us..... did you have fun?? Haha!!

Thanks so much for reading!

 Your Shopping Buddy..... 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Makeup Ideas!

Hi My Loves!!!

It's almost Halloweeny..... woohoo!!! Does everyone have their costumes?? We have ours (well not Jay and I, but the babies and Moo do).....

I feel super bad that I haven't been able to upload any new videos to my channel, especially now that it's that fun time for Halloween makeup. So while I was up most of the night last night, I thought why not just share a few of my older looks that could work for some looks :) So here are some of my older looks, that maybe you might have missed or if you are new to this blog, you haven't seen.

Here are some great ones if you are going as Katy Perry:

Maybe you want to be Adele?

Or maybe you want to be Poison Ivy, a leprechaun or a mermaid???

This could work if you are going as Tinkerbell:

Last but not least is the ever so classic Pin Up Girl:

Hope you like these picks :)

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, October 22, 2012

My Week in Instagram Pictures #2!

Hi My Loves!!!

I quite enjoyed doing last weeks post showing my Instagram pictures so I thought why not do it again.... Let me know if you like these kind of posts :) 
(my instagram is just samschuerman) 

This was a major score at good ol' Walfart (that's not a typo, it's what I call it, because I can.... haha). They were on the clearance section, so I picked up a few bags :) They are soooo yummy!!!

Here's one of my favorite cereals... gotta love some snap, crackle & pop!!! I eat mine with sliced bananas or strawberries in it. YUM! 
Random Fact: I've never made rice crispy treats.... I really should!

I went to le Target on Saturday and found these on clearance for only $2.88 for the shorter ones and $3.88 for the tall one!!!! Normally they're $9.99 and $12.99! I love clearance! I put these next to the stove on the counter and put all of my main utensils in them. Makes cooking a little snazzier (that's what I tell myself)...
You could use these as a vase of course too :)

I recently got some new face masks from Maskeraide. I was hoping to find a few minutes to try one out this weekend.... it didn't happen haha!!! Oh busy, busy life :) Maybe next weekend! Isn't is cute packaging? So fun!!!

That's all I snapped this week.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

Happy Monday :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Be A Bombshell Cosmetics!

Hi My Loves!!!

It's been a super duper long time since I did a giveaway, so when I received an email from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics letting me know they had sent me some new goodies and an extra additional set to give away to my subbies I was very excited :) When I get the chance to give back to you guys, it makes me happy because I can give back to the people who have helped me to grow on here :) Plus I love their makeup and I know you will too!

For people who don't want to wait to see if they win or see other products they like, they have been so kind and have given me a coupon code for 30% off! Just use coupon code FALL30 at checkout. That's good until Oct. 31st.

So here is what one lucky winner, will be winning!
1- Lipgloss in Sugar Lips
1- Blush in Sweet Cheeks
1- Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Onyx
3- Eyeshadows (Starlet, Starstruck & Bright Eyes)

(The pictures that are swatched are of my set, yours will be brand new)

Sugar Lips Lipgloss: 
A candy/barbie pink. Has a doe foot applicator. Very pigmented and super glossy :) Plus it's not super sticky either, so that's a plus!

Onyx Liquid Pen Eyeliner:
 You can make a super thin line or thicker with this pen super easily. It's very pigmented, lasts allllll day without smudging and doesn't dry up in the container. I've had one before and it's still perfect and I've had it for quite a while.

From Left To Right: Starstruck, Bright Eyes & Starlet Eyeshadow

With Flash:

Without Flash:

A beautiful medium purple

Bright Eyes: (My Favorite)
A beautiful sparkly goldy tan color. 

A soft medium warm brown. Almost like a milk chocolate.

Sweet Cheeks Blush:
I love this blush!!! It's my new favorite. It's a really pretty soft pink with a slight shimmer. You can make it really subtle on your cheeks or add more for a really nice pop of pink.


1.) Follow me on this blog (the follow button is on the right hand side of this post)
2.) Like my Facebook page Link! & Follow me on Twitter Link! 
(Don't worry if you don't have either of those, just go ahead and enter in the comments here)
3.) Like Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Page Link!
4.) Leave a comment on this blog answering this question: 
What makes you feel like a BOMBSHELL?
(Please leave your email address in your comment so that I can contact you if you win)
If you don't have a blogger account, you should be able to leave a comment by clicking the Facebook or twitter buttons in the comment section below.... 
5.) This is open to everyone. Just make sure that you have your parents permission if you are under 18.
6.) Winner will be picked randomly on Oct. 30th and I will announce the winner on my blog on Oct. 31st..... Halloweeny :)

Good Luck my loves!!!!

Happy Friday :) 
Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

TAG: I Love Fall!

Hi My Loves!!!

If you haven't heard me say it before, here goes again... I LOVE FALL!!!! It's my very favorite season. 

I was tagged by the lovely TheDailyCupcake to do the I Love Fall Tag. Thanks my lovely!

Since I'm still not at the point where I'm able to film, I figured I would do a blog post on it instead :) So here are the questions! I tag you all!!!


1. Favorite Fall lip product? 
I love wearing reds in the fall. It just makes me feel festive! My favorite is NYX lip liner in Deep Red with Hot Red in the inner part of my lip. I usually put Mac Sheen Supreme lipstick in Full Speed over it.


2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish?
I love Essie Fifth Avenue for Fall & Winter. It's the perfect orange red and the formula lasts so long! I actually found mine at Walfart for $1 on the clearance section!

3. Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink?
I'm a creature of habit... I always order the same thing. Tall decaf White Chocolate Mocha. It's just the best :)

4. Favorite Fall Candle?
My very favorites were my pumpkin pie cookie candles that I created with The Candle Crate. Her candles are the most pigmented smelling candles ever.... but I ran out :( POOOO!!!! 

I picked these up at Shopko when they were having their massive sale. Normally they are $15 and I got them for $3.88. And they are big! They are not the strongest candles I've ever had, but they smell nice and they were a good deal. Plus they look festive :) I also love the Walmart pumpkin spice ones too. They only come out around Fall and I always try to stock up.

5. Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory?
Definitely my leopard infinity scarf from Express! I wear the dilly dang dooly out of that thing in the cooler weather! It's soft and so comfy!! It's actually on sale right now for $20. It's amazing.
Source: Google

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?
None of the above. I hate haunted anything or scary movies because I get really bad nightmares. And no corn maze because I'm super claustrophobic and nervous that I won't be able to get out and then nobody will find me and I'll die. Plus there are tons of spiders in corn mazes and I hate spiders.

7. Favorite Halloween movie?
I don't ever watch scary movies because I'm paranoid it will happen to me. If you haven't noticed by now, I'm like the most nervous, paranoid weirdo I know. Haha! Doc McStuffins has a nice little Halloween episode :)

8. Favorite candy to eat on Halloween?
Milky Way for sure!!!

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!
Probably nothing as I don't really have the time to get all snazzied up, so I'll just go as myself.... a busy Mommy of 2 under the age of 2. Haha!!! It's the easiest to dress up as..... throw your hair in a messy bun, no makeup and sweats and your good to go! My focus is getting my babies all decked out in their costumes :)

10. What is your Favorite thing about Fall?
I love the colors, the scents, the clothes, the food.... pretty much everything about it. By the end of Summer I'm usually so hot, that I'm so ready to bundle up with a cozy sweater and my very favorite leopard scarf.

There you go :) Now you know a little more about my quirks! 

And here are a few festive pictures to get you in the spirit too :)

These are my favorite little festive salt & pepper shakers that we received from a lovely subscriber of ours a long time ago when we used to vlog. I pulled them out as soon as I could to make our table look fabulous for fall :)

My little cinnamon scented pumpkins that sit on our table as well. 

We went to a pumpkin patch this year for the very first time. I've never been to one before, so it was super fun. The pumpkins are definitely more expensive than just picking them up at Walfart.... but it does support our local farms, so that's good. 

It was so beautiful out there!

It was super cool because they had white, orange and red pumpkins. The red ones looked like giant tomatoes! It was super cool. We picked up regular orange ones but the other colors were definitely fun! Isn't it beautiful??? 

There's a little bit of Fall festiveness if you're not already in the mood for my most favorite season :)

What's everyone planning on being for Halloween? Not long to go now! This month has flown by!

Happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pesto & Goat Cheese Pizza

Hi My Loves!!!

Last week I posted this picture on Instagram and a few of you asked for the recipe, so I thought I'd share it with you :)

I actually saw this on Pinterest a while ago and thought I'd give it a go. They put theirs on the grill (I don't like the taste of food on the grill so I chose not to)..... I baked it instead.

Here's what you will need:
Rustic Crust Italian Herb Pizza Crust (here's what it looks like... I got it at Walfart Link!)
3/4 Jar of Classico Traditional Basil Pesto Sauce Link!
1/2 Small Tub of Crumbled Goat Cheese (I can't remember which brand I used)
2 Fresh On The Vine Tomatoes sliced

1.) Preheat oven to whatever your pizza crust directions say (I think it was around 400-450)
2.) Unwrap pizza crust and spread your pesto sauce all over crust, leaving the edges bare
3.) Sprinkle goats cheese on top of Pesto (use as much or as little as you like)
4.) Place sliced tomatoes over
5.) Place directly on center oven rack for about 10 minutes (could vary depending on which crust you use, just keep an eye on it) 
The oil from the pesto dripped on the bottom of the oven and started smoking.... setting off all of our smoke alarms. We were wafting the smoke alarms for a good 10 minutes with baby blankets..... At least we know they work :)
6.) EAT IT!!!

There you have it.... a super easy, quick and amazingly yummy dinner. Serve with a nice fresh salad and you have dinner made in less than 20 minutes.

Hope you like it and like always, post a picture on my Facebook Page Link! and let me know how you like it :)

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Sistor's Vanity & Bedside Table Makeover!

Hi My Loves!!!

This weekend I went over to my Baby Sistor's house because she wanted me to help her makeover her vanity and bedside tables. She is officially bored with the purple shabby chic bedding we chose for her a few months ago (I blogged about it, so go take a looky at what her room looked like before, you'll be able to see what these pieces looked like before Link!) Now she wants her room to be more sophisticated and has decided to go with a black and white theme with a splash of red.

So she asked me what she should do about her tables and vanity, so I said SPRAY PAINT!!!! I figured we could just spray paint them all a nice glossy black and pick up some new knobs for the vanity and it would give her the new sophisticated look without having to break the bank.

Here's the paint we picked out. We found it at Lowes for just under $7 (when did spray paint get so pricey??)..... 

We picked up 2 cans but ended up running out half way through, so here are the half way done pictures. 

This is the wood on the vanity before. 

We took all the hardware off first and then took out all the drawers and sanded them with 150 grit 3M sandpaper. 

The vanity had some major scratches all over the top and front of the drawers.... technically we should have sanded way longer or maybe with a different grit because we didn't get the scratches out at all haha.... we were rushing because the bees were going crazy and we were getting super irritated with them. 

You can see the places we didn't sand well enough, peeking through the paint. But this was the first coat.

Here are the bedside tables half way through before we ran out of paint. I had already painted those white, a few years ago so we didn't need to sand them at all. You can see how much nicer it went with one coat on them.

One more can of spray paint later and some new knobs from Lowe's and here's the finished result.

You can still see the scratches under the paint but oh well, it looks cute anyway :) How snazzy does it look with the knobs? I gave her my 2 pictures of the cupcake and Marilyn (it doesn't go with my decor anymore)..... they match so well with her current theme!

I love these knobs!!!! They were around $5 at Lowe's.

Here's the cute little bedside tables we painted. 

She also went to Ross and got some new lamps to match. How cute are these??? I'm so jealous. I'm sure if I went back to get some they would be gone, that's always the way with Ross :/

I also let her use my screen as a headboard. It was just sitting around, collecting dust..... so I figured it would look super cute in her new snazzy room :) 

Baby Sistor's new sophisticated bedroom :) It's like a romantic boudoir! 

She picked up the satin sheets at Ross, as well as the white comforter.

So that's how I spent part of my weekend :) 

Hope we inspired you to makeover something in your life :)

Happy Tuesday!