Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chugginton Die Cast Koko's Icy Escapade Review!

Hi My Loves!!

So a little while ago we received a new Chugginton playset from Tomy for Phoenix & Lily to try out. Since we have had a good amount of time to play with it, I feel like I can now give a good review. The set we got is the Chugginton Die Cast Koko's Icy Escapade Action Playset.  
SRP: $39.99. Ages 3 years+. Available on and

The set comes with lots of pieces, Koko the train, instructions for how to put it all together and a Chuggington DVD. I have to be honest, when I first opened the box, I thought for sure I would have to ask Jay to put it together after seeing the pieces. I am terrible at that sort of stuff and have no patience for it, but I wanted to try to do it myself so I could let you guys know if you are challenged like me, if you could put it together or not. It actually wasn't bad at all. It took me about a half an hour. I put it together wrong at first, but then stared at it a while and figured it out a little later ;) 

What's awesome about the train set is that it's plastic and the pieces snap into place very sturdily. We had a wooden train set and it was a disaster by the next day. This is still going strong and they've played with it a lot. Nothing has broken off and we haven't lost any pieces which is a miracle. Because they are so big and sturdy, it would be really hard to. Huge plus in my book.  

Phoenix loves it. More so than Lily. She thinks it's cool but not as much as Phoenix ;) You can probably tell from his face in this picture.

Santa actually brought two more trains that go with the set. They have tons to choose from at Toys R Us, so it's nice that you can collect all of them if your kids are into that. It can get a little pricey depending on which ones you get but i believe the ones Santa got were under $10. The ones they got are towing little animals too, which is really cute.

It's a pretty good size :)

The giraffe :)

Here is the little glacier gate which the kids have so much fun pushing the trains through. It stays on well too.

This little top piece flips over and sums the ice into Koko's little thing she tows. 
(I'm having a brain fart of what it's called)

So the DVD it comes with is the white one. We also received the Snow Rescue DVD as well. The kids didn't care for the DVD's as much as the toy. They get really into shows and then they move onto the next quickly as well. Right now it's all about Kate & Mim Mim, Frozen and Peppa Pig. So it's not Chuggington's fault haha. My kids are just on a different phase right now :)

Lily being a little ham :)

I told her to sit next to the train set. So she did. Haha!


Overall, I'm really happy with this playset. Someone who is challenged at building things, like myself, can totally put it together. It will stay together while your kids play with it. For weeks! Not just one day, which is always good. I like the fact that you can collect all the other trains from the show and my kids love it. If they are happy, then I'm happy… so this is a big thumbs up from us. 

Hope that helps if you are looking for a fun toy for your kids.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Pampers Gift Of Sleep 2014.

Hi My Loves!

First of all, Happy New Year! Can you believe it's 2015 already? Where did the year go? I hope 2015 is all treating you very well so far and continues to bring you everything you hope for.

I have a very special post today because it's something I love doing…. the opportunity to give back to people who may not be having the easiest, breeziest life at the moment. As most of you know I am a member of the Pamper's Baby Board. Every year they have their Gift of Sleep campaign and this year they asked me if I would like to participate in it again. Basically by using Pamper's Baby Dry diapers, you are able to get more sleep due to your baby not waking up because they feel wet. So by gifting Pamper's baby dry diapers to a Mama, you are gifting them sleep, which we all know is so hard to find when you have little ones :)

Be sure to check out my GIFT OF SLEEP post from last year!

Pamper's is a very generous company and always goes all out. They sent a very lovely package of all sorts of diapers in many sizes, as well as wipes, a Sleep Sheep, a soft blanket and a very generous gift card of $100. They simply asked for me to give it to someone who I felt could use a little sleep :) It couldn't have come at a more perfect time because one of my dear friends is having a little bit of a tough time. She has 3 children, a 5 year old, 3 year old and a 1 year old. She is also 30 weeks pregnant and her husband has been on bed rest due to a back injury for the past month. He owns his own construction company, so he can't work due to the pain. I can only imagine the stress they both have and I can't imagine having to put on a happy face for the children while you are already exhausted from being pregnant as well and having 3 little ones running around. So I immediately knew who I wanted to give my Gift of Sleep to. Not only is she an amazing person in general but she would never ask for anything and she is always there with a cheerful smile and would do anything for anyone. 

Here's everything Pamper's sent.

Phoenix and Lily thought it was the coolest lamb ever. It has lots of different noises that help to soothe your child. Lily had a heartbeat monitor up until just a month of so ago and it really helped to keep her sleeping and napping really well. I highly recommend trying one out if you have a light sleeper like I do. It's a miracle haha!

We wrapped it all up and the kids were very excited to take it over to our friends. It's always fun to get presents as a child but I love watching my kids get just as excited to give presents to others. 

Trying to get both of them to stand still and look at me was not happening, so here you go. Haha!

The next day we took it over to my friends home and she was so surprised and excited and grateful. Whether she uses the money to take a little spa time for herself, or maybe a date with her hubby… or even to pay bills or buy some new baby stuff, I don't know… but I do know that it will help and the diapers will definitely ensure that when that new precious little baby comes, she will get some sleep while he stays dry in his diaper :) Ahhh…. sleep. Sweet, delightful, sleep :)

Happy New Year again and thanks so much to Pamper's for allowing me to do this for my sweet friend. Your generosity and kindness is much appreciated and I am so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful company. 

Have a great day :)

 And don't forget….

Smile :)