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Best Hair Care for Kids Tangles

Bold Brows & Lips for Fall.

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 Hi My Loves!!

Today I'm going to be doing a look for you using products you can find at your local Target. This look is a classic look that is quick and perfect for Fall because it can go with so many different outfits. I've included two lip options for you, so that if you don't like a bold lip, you can do something a little more nude but still Fall appropriate. I focused on the brows and lips to keep it wearable for any occasion whether it's work, school or going out with your girlfriends. 

I was sent a box of Pixi products from Target to create this look focusing on the brows using all of Pixi's brow products. I have never used these before so I was super excited to try them out! Here's what came in my "High Brow" box. Isn't it gorgeous? I was so excited when I opened it haha!

 Pixi Mattelustre Lipsticks ~ Honey Bare // Petal Pink // Raspberry Blush

 Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel ~ No.3 Rosy

 Pixi Natural Brow Duo ~ Natural Brown // Deep Brunette 
Pixi Large Lash Mascara

 Pixi Colour Correcting Powder Foundation ~ No. 1 Cream // No. 2 Nude // No. 3 Warm

 Pixi Endless Brow Gel Pen ~ Light // Medium // Deep

 Pixi Brow Powder Palette ~ Shades of Brows

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist 

 Pixi Correction Concentrate ~ Brightening Peach

I thought the card in came with was super cute how they made a face out of the products ;)

Here's everything that was used to create the look. Everything shown can be found at your local Target or

To prep my skin I spray the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist all over and let it dry. Next I applied the No7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base to help fill in pores, lines and keep my skin matte throughout the day. 

Next I mixed Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation in the colors 20 Classic Ivory with 048 Sun Beige and applied that all over my face using my fingers. 

For my concealer I used the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Concealer in Light. This is my hands down favorite concealer in the universe. It's way better than high end concealers. It's amazing. 

To set under my eyes I used the Pixi Colour Correcting Powder Foundation in No. 1 Cream with a small fluffy brush. For the rest of my face I took a large fluffy brush and the Pixi Colour Correcting Powder Foundation in No. 3 Warm. These are nice because they give you a little extra coverage and set your makeup at the same time. They are really nice. 

For the brows I used a few different products to create the perfect color for me. First I used the Pixi Endless Brow Gel Pen in Medium to pencil in my shape. I then filled them in using the Pixi Brow Powder Palette in the third shade down with a brush. Then I applied the Gel side of the Pixi Natural Brow Duo to my brows to keep them in place. I finished off by taking a flat brush and the Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach to really carve out under the brow to make them really stand out and have a nice sharp line underneath. 

For my contour,  I used the Boots Botanics Contouring Kit to contour the hollows of my cheeks, temples, sides of my nose, jawline & lower lip. For my blush I used the Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in No. 3 Rosy. I applied this with a stippling brish in stippling motions at first and then buffed it in. It gives a gorgeous rosy cheek that is very natural and flushed. My highlight is the No7 Shimmer Palette in Rose. I applied it to the bridge and tip of my nose, tops of my cheekbones and cupids bow. 

For my eyes I wanted to keep it simple so that the main focus is on the brow instead of the eyeshadow. I swept the second and third shadows down from the Pixi Brow Powder Palette with a fluffy brush in my crease. Then I took the lightest shade and popped that on my brow bone and lid. With the angled brush that comes in the kit I sprayed it with the Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist and dipped it into the darkest shade in the palette and used that as a liner on my lash line. I smudged it out a little to create a soft and smudgy cat eye so that it gave my eyes a bit of something without distracting form the brows and lips. This is great for any outfit and is very quick to do.

I used the Pixi Large Lash Mascara. This mascara is awesome for a very feathered out but still dramatic lash. This isn't clumpy or spidery looking at all. It's soft, fans the lashes out nicely and doesn't get all over your lid when applying.

If you like a more nude lip then take the Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick in the color Honey Bare. It's the perfect nude lip for Fall. These are creamy, hydrating and feel amazing on the lips. The pigmentation is super awesome too.

 Here's the look with the nude lip option.

If you are someone who likes a bolder lip then the Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick in Raspberry Blush. It's a nice mix between a red and pink. It's the perfect berry color for Fall.  

Here's the bolder lip option. 

I hope you found this helpful. Don't forget to tag me on Instagram or Twitter using my handle @samschuerman and #TargetStyle if you recreate these looks. Thanks so much for reading!


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Friday, September 25, 2015

DIY Gold Chair Makeover!

I recently went on a spray painting everything gold spree. I'm all inspired lately and figured I would give my chair another makeover seeing as the plastic ripped and was going to redo it anyway.... why not paint it gold and add new fabric??
It started off with this minty green/blue color which I still really love but it wasn't going with my desk at all so I just add it in our bedroom as decor. But I really wanted to use it at my desk, so I bought some Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray and handed it over to mu hubby because I SUCK at spray painting. I always mess it up and luckily Jay is awesome!

Here's how it looks now at my new desk area. I'm so in love with how it turned out!! I still want to paint the handles gold on the desk but Jay super glued them in there last time we re painted so we are going to work on getting those out haha! I also repurposed the chair pad with some new white and gold polka dot fabric I bought from

  Stool: Target // Pillow: TJMaxx // Desk Accessories: TJMaxx

My men hard at work ;) Jay sanded it first and then used two coats of the Rustoleum spray paint on it. Then he finished up with a clear coat of Rustoleum as well.

 The finished result. Love it!!


There's my chair makeover. I've been really enjoying repurposing my decor! Please share if you liked this :( It was super easy! 

Thanks for reading!

Watch the vlog here:
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DIY Disney INSIDE OUT Party Favors

Hi My Loves!!

Lily turned three over the weekend and we had an Inside Out party for her because she LOVES that movie. I couldn't find any loot/goodie bags for party favors for her friends who came to the party so I decided to make my own. 

I picked up 3 different colored bags from the dollar store. I got yellow (Joy), blue (Sadness) and purple (Fear) in packs of 3 for $1 each. 

 I got these little cards out of an Inside Out reading book I picked up for the kids at Target. Then I just taped them on the backside to the front of the bags. 


After that we wrote the kids names on the bags and added their surprises :)
EASY PEASY! The kids helped me stick on the characters and they had a blast. SO it's a fun project to do with the kids and it's very cute too.

 Please share on Pinterest or Facebook if you know someone who is looking for Inside Out party ideas. Or save it for your little one's special day :)


Here's the party vlog:
Here's us making these bags: