Friday, September 25, 2015

DIY Gold Chair Makeover!

I recently went on a spray painting everything gold spree. I'm all inspired lately and figured I would give my chair another makeover seeing as the plastic ripped and was going to redo it anyway.... why not paint it gold and add new fabric??
It started off with this minty green/blue color which I still really love but it wasn't going with my desk at all so I just add it in our bedroom as decor. But I really wanted to use it at my desk, so I bought some Rustoleum Metallic Gold Spray and handed it over to mu hubby because I SUCK at spray painting. I always mess it up and luckily Jay is awesome!

Here's how it looks now at my new desk area. I'm so in love with how it turned out!! I still want to paint the handles gold on the desk but Jay super glued them in there last time we re painted so we are going to work on getting those out haha! I also repurposed the chair pad with some new white and gold polka dot fabric I bought from

  Stool: Target // Pillow: TJMaxx // Desk Accessories: TJMaxx

My men hard at work ;) Jay sanded it first and then used two coats of the Rustoleum spray paint on it. Then he finished up with a clear coat of Rustoleum as well.

 The finished result. Love it!!


There's my chair makeover. I've been really enjoying repurposing my decor! Please share if you liked this :( It was super easy! 

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