Friday, August 27, 2010

New skincare!!! Kiss My Face and Avalon Organics

SO I went to walmart the other day because I'm just not liking my Neutrogena facewash anymore. So I was thinking maybe I should get something more on the natural side, seeing as I'm pregnant..... I'll be more nature friendly!!! LOL.

I picked up these two products and so far I'm loving them so much!! After 2 days I've already seen a noticeable difference in my pimples and my skin feels softer so I'm hoping within the next few weeks or month I'll be super duper luscious!!!!

The first Product is the cleanser that I use morning and night..... and it removes all of my eye make up as well, without stinging the eyes!!! So that's always nice, the smell is very yummy almost citrusy, and the feel of it is so gentle it almost feels like foamy water on your skin...... Also when you rinse your skin doesnt feel tight at all, it just feels clean and soft!

Kiss My Face Grapefruit / Bergamot Soap

Instant foam, the direct result of the pump action without propellants. It's a miracle. No time wasted working up a lather. Cleans thoroughly but leaves your hands soft and smooth.

Aloe Vera Gel: healing and soothing
Orange: cleansing and uplifting
Lemongrass: antiseptic skin cleanser 


The second product is a toner. It smells like oranges and feels very gentle on the skin and I do have sensitive skin!! It doesn't burn, irritate or make my skin red which a lot of other toners do. It also doesn't leave your skin feeling tight afterwards, it almost fells moisturized after you have used it. I got it because it is organic and I thought maybe the Vitamin C, would help with my sun damage on my forehead and cheeks. So far I've only used a few days so I havent noticed any lightening of the dark spots but my skin feels much softer and the zits are going away!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Balancing Facial Toner
Product description: Our Balancing Facial Toner with organic Cucumber and Papaya clarifies and tones the skin as Vitamin C delivers sun-aging protection. Lemon Bioflavonoids, Melatonin and organic White Tea antioxidants defend against damaging free radicals while organic Aloe, NaPCA and pro-vitamin B5 provide nourishing hydration to prepare the skin for optimal moisturization and repair.

Features and benefits: This balancing facial toner with Vitamin C, organic Aloe, Cucumber and Papaya extracts gently removes impurities, tones pores and balances your skin's natural moisture protecting against free radical damage generated by sun exposure.

Who should use this product? For all skin types.

Size: 8.5 fl oz (250 ml)

Price: $10.95