Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Easy Crayon Art!

Hi My Loves!!!

This week we did a super fun and easy art work project for Phoenix and Lily's bedrooms. I wanted to do something that would go with the color schemes of their rooms and be easy enough for Phoenix to help with. We made one for Lily and she helped point her little finger where she wanted everything to splatter haha!!

I decided to go with Crayon Art. It's super easy, so fun and Phoenix had so much fun making some beautiful art for his room :) My step brother BJ had made one a few weeks ago and said how fun it was, so I thought it would be perfect for us to do!


I highly recommend doing the blow drying part outside as the crayon melts and then splatters all over the place. Phoenix and his handy dandy hair dryer were having a great old time!

Here's Phoenix's finished art work. What a beauty! We loved doing this because it was a family project that 20 years from now we will still have something to show for it and be able to show the kids that we made them all together! I think that's so important ;)

Here's Daddy working his magic on Lily's. He blowed dried it so that it would resemble a flower and he did such a great job! He so creative!

The two finished pieces side by side. This would actually be really cool to do one HUGE canvas with all the colors of the crayons (minus brown and black and grey as those might go muddy)....

Can you see the flower in Lily's??

There is a face in Phoenix's and we attempted to put his handprint in there but that didn't work so well.... (we waited till it was cooled off of course).... A few people also said to put stickers of their names down first or of your favorite sayings.... such a cute idea!!!

And here's one last picture that Phoenix too for you :)

Hope you like this fun DIY project!!! If you do decide to do it.... Please share! I would love to see how yours turns out. The fun part about this is that every single one you do is unique and you can't really mess up because it's how you want it to turn out ;)

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top 10 Drugstore Lip Products Swatches!

Hi My Loves!!!

Today's video is a collab with the ever so lovely ShadesofKassie. We decided to do a Top 10 Drugstore Lip Products for those of you who may not have the budget to purchase high end. This is super helpful because as you all know there are no testers at the drugstore!


Here's my top 10 (no specific order)

Bonne Bell LipLites in Strawberry

Physician's Formula in Red

NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Pie & Peaches & Cream

Revlon Lipgloss in 

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Soothing Lip Balm in Pink Sugar

ELF Lipstick in Natural Nymph

Color Riche Balm Provence Romance & Laze in the Maze

Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm 235

Natural Collection Lipstick in Rose Petal

NYX Lip Liners in Deep Red, Auburn & Hot Red

Don't forget to check out Kassie's Top 10 as well!!!


Here's what we did yesterday:

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

My 28th Birthday OOTD & FOTD!

Hi My Loves!!

Incase you didn't know, yesterday was my 28th birthday. I asked if you guys wanted an OOTD up on my channel but of course with all the festivities, we totally forgot to film one. So I hope you will be ok with an OOTD & FOTD post on here instead :) I will be uploading my Birthday Haul this evening on my channel to make up for the no OOTD.
It was a super coinkindink that my birthday was the same day as the Renaissance Fair here (which is so cool because me and my Mom used to love going to them when I was younger)..... MY birthday also fell on the same day as my 10 year high school reunion, which obviously I didn't attend as it's all the way in California but hey, my birthday is a popular day for fun events!!!

Here's us taking a picture in front of our castle haha!!!! 

Dress: Target 
(a gift from one of my lovely friends on You Tube, Meg... Thanks so much Meg! I love it)
Lace Headband: Graceful by Anna
Bracelets: H.Samuel (from my Nanny) & Stella & Dot (from my friend Becca) 
Necklace & Earrings: Kitsy Lane

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Undereye Concealer in Light w/ P88
CoverFx Translucent Setting Powder w/Buffer Brush
NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny w/ F40
Sheer Cover Blush w/F10
MAC Veronica's Blush (highlight) w/F25

Mac Paint in Bare Canvas
Maybelline Define A Brow in Medium Brown
NYX Slide on Pencil in Golden Bronze 
MAC Veronica's Blush (highlight) w/ E55
Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions
BH Cosmetics Liquid Liner (amazing by the way)


Sigma  (use code RNL2013 for 10% off)

How gorgeous does BS look here? Like a Golden Globe Goddess!

BS bought me a head whimsy at the fair which was very festive and made me feel like a maiden haha!!! While I nursed Lily, BS played with Phoenix in the park :) What a good Auntie!!

And this is what my makeup looked like at the end of the day after being on for 12 1/2 hours! Highly impressed with that foundation!!!! I didn't blot or re powder or anything! It was hot and humid and we were outside ALLLLL day!

Here's Lily and I at dinner :) WHat a little beauty she is!!! 

Incase you are wondering what Self Tanner I have on (I'm obsessed with this stuff)......

I want to say a HUGE Thank you to all of the birthday wishes from all of you :) It means so much to me and it's so nice to have people from all over leaving me sweet comments and messages. I really appreciate you all and I'm so very thankful to have you all. I'm so lucky to be able to have such sweet, kind people watching me! I'm so glad I got to share my special day with you!


And stay tuned for my Birthday Haul that will be up on my channel this evening :)

Before I go.....
HAVE YOU SEEN THIS VIDEO??? It's so cute!!

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pool Party Makeup!

 Hi My Loves!!!

Today's video is going to get you ready for that pool party that's been calling your name :) I know not everyone feels comfortable going places with complete bare skin (I used to NEVER leave the house without makeup before we had kids lol)..... this is for you! If you still want to look snazzy while you are out at the pool, beach, park.... whatever you are doing, then watch this video to help you go from poo to pool party ready :)

I have NO idea what I was doing here but I do look like quite an idiot ;)

Gotta love candid camera moments!!

Watch us being eaten by bugs at the pool HERE:

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Achieve a Flawless Golden Glow!

 Hi My Loves!!!

Today's video is all about getting that flawless golden glow. The summer is the perfect time to pull out those shimmery, golden bronzers & eyeshadows and I'm going to show you how to get that look using only ONE brand of makeup from the drugstore. Everything I used to achieve this look can be found at your local drugstore in the Physician's Formula display :) 


As promised in the video, here's a closer look at the makeup :)

Hope you like the look as much as I do :) Everything I'm wearing will be listed in the description box of my video on my channel!

Thanks for reading/watching :)