Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rest in Peace, Talia Joy.

Hi My Loves!!!

Today is a very sad day. It started off very nice with a lovely walk with my family, looking at flowers and enjoying the scenery. I took a picture of this beautiful flower blowing in the wind not knowing that today was the day that the beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit Talia had passed. I never had the honor of meeting Talia but from what I have seen she was a beautiful, bubbly, positive young lady and to have gone through so much pain and hurt in her short life already and to still be able to have fun and see the joy in life, shows just how strong she was. Today is a day that everyone in the beauty community on You Tube, as well as everyone else that she has touched, will remember. This picture of the beautiful flower I took this morning while on my peaceful morning walk is dedicated to Talia and her family.

We will be keeping Talia and her family in our thoughts. Our hearts go out to her family and friends in this very difficult time. To lose a loved one is the hardest thing anyone can go through in their lifetime and being a mother, I can't imagine losing your child ever, especially so young and in such a painful way.

Such a beautiful girl inside and out with a talent that was so impressive for such a young age.

(Photo Source: Google)

You will be missed and your story has touched so many people and so many lives.

Please take a moment tonight to think about Talia and her family and to hope that they can find peace and strength to get through this. 


Rest in Peace, Talia.