Monday, July 15, 2013

A Monday Smile for You :)

Hi My Loves!!!

Yesterday we were fiddling around with a new camera in my makeup room and Phoenix wanted to help :) We snapped some really cute pictures of him and of course I figured I would share. You can never get too much of little Phoenix after all :) He's so cute!!

His little face just melts my heart!

Pondering what his next pose will be.....

Good choice little buddy!

Then he wanted to touch the camera (of course... little techy haha)

Standing up with some belly showing.... WILD!

More serious....

Ok I got a little wild in this one... Now you have seen every single one of my teeth haha! He's even like, MOM calm down!!

Really excited to touch the camera again haha!

Hope this made your morning just a little bit happier ;) Happy Monday!

Here's my latest video on the NEW Covergirl Whipped Clean Creme Foundation

Wanna see how Jay and I spend our date after almost 2 years???

Thanks for watching :)