Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday: This Time Last Year......

Hi My Loves!!!

This time last year looked a little bit like this..... Phoenix was 17 months old and I was about 31 weeks pregnant with Lily :) I was just cleaning up some of our pictures and found these and figured I would share the cuteness overload for Throwback Thursday :)

So be prepared to see some extra cute shots of Phoenix and Lily in my tummy!!

Phoenix was OBSESSED with my sunglasses last summer. He would steal them off of me every time I put him in his carseat haha!

And in the house (notice our fan and bed in the living room of our old place..... (BROKEN AIR CONDITIONING WAS HORRIBLE)


Phoenix had a mullet now that I look back. I didn't notice at the time but now I look back at pictures I understand why BS kept telling me to cut his hair!! Haha!! Poor little fellow :)

Another moment of stealing my sunglasses while strapping him in. By this time we already had Lily's carseat set up in the van. We were so excited and ready for her haha!

He's so stylish!

I looked like this..... I miss my pregnant belly. I am one of those women who LOVES being pregnant. I find it so beautiful :) But it sure is better being able to hold them in your arms instead of your belly!

More of the little mullet man :)

We had to have a shower curtain by the stairs to keep the cool air from going down the stairs haha! And our bed next to our couch in the living room so we could sleep in a cool room..... oh how nice it is to have a house with air conditioning that works!! I don't miss that one bit!

We had to keep a gate around our computer because at that time Phoenix was in to EVERYTHING and loved the computer haha!

Look at those gorgeous blue eyes! This was when we were visiting BS :) He was a bit of a mess! I don't know what's going on with his haircut haha! Trying to cut hair on a 17 month old is hard work :)

And that's what we were doing this time last year..... sleeping in the living room with fans all around us while we sweated our booty's off haha! We can't forget Pheonix's beautiful mullet and sunglasses :)

Hope this made you smile!

Happy Thursday :)

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