Friday, March 30, 2018

Why My Dog is a Star

Sponsored by Purina.

Today I'm sharing a super fun program for all of you doggy mama's and papa's out there! Purina is inviting dog lovers across the world to share the positive impact dogs make in our lives with their "Every Dog is a Star" program. 

Today I'm sharing why our little Moo is a star. I've had her now for 14 years. She's been with me longer than my husband and my kids. She was my first ever baby and she's been with me through all the most important moments in my life. She was there walking down the aisle with me at our wedding, she was sitting there at the door when we brought both of our babies home from the hospital. She's been there for me through times of sorrow, and joy and she always manages to make me smile no matter what's going on in my life. 

That's why my little Moo is a star. Because she always finds a way to make each and every one of us smile. Whether she's creeping in on one of my videos or IG stories, or making her little faux fur pink bean bag just right by scratching and digging in a perfect little spot for herself to snooze in, she's constantly making our kids laugh and bringing grins to our faces daily. We all have so much love for our sweet little friend. 

She's constantly sitting still and snoozing until I need her to pose on the red carpet. Typical lol. I spent about 20 minutes, tempting her with treats, trying to get her to sit still and look at the camera. This is the best I could get. I guarantee if it was her pink bean bag, she'd be sitting like a perfect little statue haha.

Moo is always by my side. She's so sweet.

Moo in her favorite pink bean bag. I bought it for my daughter but Moo decided it was hers. Lily gave it up with a smile because she thinks it's the cutest thing ever when she sleeps in it (which is a whole lot nowadays... it's tiring being an old lady you know).

My sweet little Moo.

Phoenix loves taking her for walks. And she loves being held by him when she gets pooped out.

So many great adventures with our little Mooshie.

To participate in this fun program and to help raise some major moolah for Mutt-i-Grees, all you need to do is post a photo or video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram showing how your dog is the star of your family! For every original post submitted now through April 8th, using the hashtag #BHDogShow and tagging @Purina, Purina will donate $5 (up to $25,000), to Mutt-i-Grees to help expand the program to more schools around the country. If you're not familiar with Mutt-i-Grees, it's a program run by North Shore Animal League America, that shows children the positive impact pets can have on their lives. It helps teach them important skills like empathy, friendship and kindness through interaction with dogs at shelters. As a mother of two children, I absolutely believe that raising children with animals, teaches them to be kind, to care for others and to respect all lives. Our children love Moo. They love taking her for walks and snuggling with her. She brings them happiness and love and I'm so glad they've spent their entire lives so far, with her in it. It's made them more loving and gentle people, and for that I am forever grateful of my special little Moo. I hope we've made as much of an impact on her life, as she has made on ours. 

You can tune into The Beverly Hills Dog Show Presented by Purina on April 1st (this Easter Sunday), on USA at 6/5 p.m. ET/CT. You will be able to see the stars of Hollywood, with the stars of the dog world and one dog will be crowned as the 2018 champion. I remember watching dog shows when I was younger and I loved seeing all of the different breeds and how fancy they looked. It's such a fun show for kids to watch! 

I can't wait to see everyone's posts!! I do hope you will join in on the fun!

Thanks so much for reading :) 

Enjoy your Easter weekend with your loved ones and of course, your fur babies too!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

What's In My Purse & Lifestyle/Fashion Haul

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Monday, March 26, 2018


Shop this post:

Sunday, March 25, 2018


Happy Sunday!

I am so excited (and slightly perturbed because I literally just bought a bunch of shoes full price) that Target is offering BOGO on shoes and swimwear for the whole family! If you're not familiar with what BOGO means, it's buy one, get one 1/2 off, which can work out to be quite a big savings! YAY! 

So I've rounded up my favorites for the whole family! I've included my favorite women's swimwear & shoes, as well my favorites for girls, boys and men! I've also included the current shoes I own from Target that I just recently picked up, that I'm OBSESSING over!! I hope you enjoy my choices!

Don't forget, you can click on any of these images to shop that particular item.










I hope you take advantage of these sales! Let me know what you pick up! You can tag me on Instagram at @samschuerman.

Watch my Target Spring Fashion haul here:

Love you guys!! Enjoy your week.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Sales | Topshop, Chicwish & River Island

March is almost over guys! Where has this month gone? It snuck by me really fast! I'm going to share some of my favorites from these Spring sales, from Chicwish, River Island & Topshop. They're having some great sales so take advantage! I shared a few shoes that are so adorable and would go beautifully with some of the very feminine skirts from Chicwish. I tried to feature as many Spring pieces as possible, while still thinking about those of you, like me, who may still be freezing in cold weather, even though it's officially Spring. I hope you enjoy my choices. 

Click on any image for details.

Offering 25% off plus an extra 10% off a $70+ order with code STE 10

Up to 50% off

Up to 50% off

Have a great rest of your week!

Here's my latest video sharing some really fabulous pieces from Target.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What's New In My Wardrobe?

I have been loving watching What's New In My Wardrobe videos on Youtube lately. I just think that they are so fun to watch! So I've decided to do one today. I hope you guys enjoy! There are so really affordable pieces in there (under $5) so take advantage and stock up on some Spring/Summer staples!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

TARGET DRESS SALE & a few more of my favorites!

Happy Sunday! 

Have you been into Target lately? It's been a little while for me and oh my goodness was it full of all of my favorite things today. I went in there to get the necessities.... you know, toilet paper, bleach, food etc. I was instantly distracted by the fabulous shades of pink and boho delightfulness. I head straight to the clothes section and fell in love with a gorgeous little dress (I've featured it below for you).... pretty much everywhere I turned, there was something I loved. And don't even get me started on the bag section. There's pink everywhere. I'm so happy with the Spring trends right now. It's totally my year for fashion!! So exciting. 

I've featured a few of my favorite items from Target for you guys, including the items I saw while I was there today and a few extras that I found online. If you see something you love, click on the picture and it will take you right over. Also, the dresses are buy one, get one, 50% off right now, so take advantage!! And don't forget to use your redcard and the cartwheel app. No this is not sponsored by Target, I just recommend you use them to save as much moolah as you can :) I hope you enjoy my choices!


(Currently Buy 1, Get 1, 50% off)



Thanks so much for reading! I hope you all have an amazing week!
Saturday, March 17, 2018


Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a nice day. 

We got so much snow over the past few days! The kids got a snow day on Friday, Lily had a friend over for a sleepover last night and so it's been quite busy over the last couple of days for me haha! We all got geared up to go outside this morning to play in the snow and can I just take a minute to give a shout out to the Mom's out there who have 3 kids!! Holy moly. Putting on three sets of snow pants, gloves, hats, boots and coats compared to two sets, really was quite the task this morning. It took me forever and then we braved the wind and snow for about 10 minutes before the girls got cold and decided it would be better to go inside and eat a snack. LOL. So I got them inside, out of all their snow gear, made them a snack and watched them to some kids yoga instead, while the boys shoveled out our back patio and driveway. 

I've had a splitting headache since about 2am this morning and I just told Jay that I would really like to go and relax and do some work. And he laughed, because for me... work is relaxing. So here I am, writing this blog post, getting my newest video shared and getting some other work done while he plays with the kids. I'm hoping that my headache will go away and all will be better once I'm finished here.

But enough about my morning.... and on to why I'm writing this blog! I just uploaded a new video trying out new skincare from L'Occitane for you guys. It's a Get Unready With Me style video but it's different than my usual because it's trying out new products, instead of my regular routine. It's a nice way to try out the new skincare I got, on camera, so that you guys can see exactly what it does. I hope you like this style of video. 

Watch it here:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are staying warm! 

See you back on Monday!

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Happy Thursday! The week is almost over so I'm happy about that, because we have a super fun sleepover with Lily's friend tomorrow. We're going to be doing some baking, we have our tent set up with lots of cozy blankets and pillows and enough stuffed animals for a whole class of kids lol. It's been snowing like crazy here and we're supposed to be getting 1-2 feet of snow through till Saturday, so it's the perfect weekend to stay cozy inside. 

I'm really excited because today I'm sharing my thoughts on the full collection of my sweet friend ItsJudyTime's new collection of cosmetic bags at Walgreens. It just went live, so be sure to go and check out these gorgeous bags and let me know which one is your favorite! Judy is so sweet and has been my friend for quite a few years now. I'm so happy and proud of her and I can't wait for you guys to see how well she's done designing these bags!

Watch my review here:

Shop the makeup and accessories I'm wearing here:

I hope you are all staying warm and have a wonderful weekend! Who watched the This Is Us finale? I was sitting there with tears streaming down my dang face.... and ended up with a tight throat from holding in big sobs. They really left us hanging didn't they???