Saturday, March 17, 2018


Happy Saturday! I hope you are all having a nice day. 

We got so much snow over the past few days! The kids got a snow day on Friday, Lily had a friend over for a sleepover last night and so it's been quite busy over the last couple of days for me haha! We all got geared up to go outside this morning to play in the snow and can I just take a minute to give a shout out to the Mom's out there who have 3 kids!! Holy moly. Putting on three sets of snow pants, gloves, hats, boots and coats compared to two sets, really was quite the task this morning. It took me forever and then we braved the wind and snow for about 10 minutes before the girls got cold and decided it would be better to go inside and eat a snack. LOL. So I got them inside, out of all their snow gear, made them a snack and watched them to some kids yoga instead, while the boys shoveled out our back patio and driveway. 

I've had a splitting headache since about 2am this morning and I just told Jay that I would really like to go and relax and do some work. And he laughed, because for me... work is relaxing. So here I am, writing this blog post, getting my newest video shared and getting some other work done while he plays with the kids. I'm hoping that my headache will go away and all will be better once I'm finished here.

But enough about my morning.... and on to why I'm writing this blog! I just uploaded a new video trying out new skincare from L'Occitane for you guys. It's a Get Unready With Me style video but it's different than my usual because it's trying out new products, instead of my regular routine. It's a nice way to try out the new skincare I got, on camera, so that you guys can see exactly what it does. I hope you like this style of video. 

Watch it here:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and are staying warm! 

See you back on Monday!