Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring Trends 2018: LILAC

Today I've rounded up my favorite lilac pieces for 2018's Spring Trends. My Nanny's bedroom is different shades of lilac and I'm loving this trend, as it reminds me of staying in her ever so lovely lilac room. I bet she will feel quite pleased with herself once she knows it's this seasons hot color! I'm a fan, and I know my sister will be happy too! I was always the pink girl and she was always the purple girl growing up. It's funny that we actually had colors that defined us as kids hahaha. She couldn't switch from purple and vice versa. Kids eh??? I think she's switched over to the pink side though now. I'll have to ask her and see!

Click on any of the images for details and where you can purchase these items.


I think I'm going to start doing a few of these types of posts. I'll be featuring a different Spring Trend in each post, and share my favorites for each one. It's always fun looking at the different trends and finding pieces that you feel comfortable incorporating into your wardrobe, to suit your style. I hope you like the pieces I chose today! 

Which one is your favorite? Let me know below!