Friday, February 13, 2015

Early Birthday Celebration on the Gondola!

Hi My Loves!!!

Phoenix's 4th Birthday is tomorrow and today we did a little early birthday celebration. It started off with his request of cinnamon rolls (which I gladly accepted haha) and then the fun continued from there. Every time we drive past the gondola, he always asks if we can go on it, so we figured it was the perfect day to do it for him. It was gorgeous weather and we thought it would be a lovely memory for him and Lily for his early birthday :) 

Thank you guys for all of the early birthday wishes! We really appreciate it so very much!! Here's some beautiful pictures that we took today of the breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe. I still can't believe this is our home. It's so amazing knowing our kids will grow up knowing this as home, just as I did.

If you haven't been to Tahoe before and are planning on taking a trip, definitely add this to your list of things to do. It's so beautiful and worth going up! The kids loved the ride up and had fun walking around the observation deck. There are little tables so that you can pack a lunch and eat up there too if you want to stay a while.


Our day started off with a lovely walk in the sun to Cinnabon :) The kids saw this raccoon and we thought it was pretty cute.

Fountains are always fun when you are little ;)

Then we headed up on the Gondola which the kids loved! They had so much fun riding in it ;)

Happy Faces!

We were saying, "SELFIE" to get her to smile haha!

My gorgeous boys!

A little lake action behind :)

Love Lily's cheeky little faces haha!

Here's the view you see when you are heading up!

This is to the right.

The sun was blinding them on the observation deck, that's why they are covering their eyes haha. Not sure what Lily was trying to cover.

She got it right that time haha!

So then we moved them into the shade but of course my head was still stuck in the sun.

FAMILY SELFIE!!! With half of us looking ;)

Taking a picture of his coffee while looking at the lake haha!

The kids were super excited about the snow.

Gorgeous Lake Tahoe. Can you get any more beautiful? It was the PERFECT day to go up on the Gondola. 

I love all of the different colors of the lake. It's so pretty. I can't wait for the summer!

Then we tried taking selfless but kept blocking the lake haha. 

A super sweet couple came up and asked if we wanted a picture taken which was so nice of them. She did awesome!

For those asking about my coat. It's from My boots are from JustFab and my jeans are from Old Navy. I wear them all the time so you probably already knew that :)

Jay found the perfect seat to ponder life while drinking his coffee.

The kids kicked him off ;)

Then we head down the mountain to Base Camp for lunch. The pizza was so good. We got the Thai Curry Chicken which was delicious and not spicy at all. I highly recommend eating here if you are visiting Tahoe. It's a really nice ambience and they had live music which was really relaxing. The weather was a perfect temp to sit outside and then the kids went and hula hooped with the girl outside of the restaurant. It was so nice. Also they bring you water in massive mason jars which I loved. There's just something about drinking out of mason jars. It seems funner. How gorgeous is Phoenix? He's getting so big and I still can't believe my baby is going to be 4! Where has the time gone? His shirt id from FabKids incase you are wondering. It's one of his favorites. He picked it this morning ;)

Lily modeling her outfit for us. She's obsessed with her new Doc McStuffin's sneakers. They make her run faster :) Her dress is from Old Navy. The shoes are from Target incase you missed the vlog.

Cutie patootie!!! She's my little fashionista. Always in a dress!

That's everything I captured today. Tomorrow Phoenix will wake up and come downstairs to all of his birthday presents waiting for him. Not sure what we will do tomorrow, it's up to the birthday boy but be sure to come on over to THESCHUERMANSHOW and watch what we get up to!

Here's what we did yesterday:

And here's my latest beauty video:

Thank you so much for watching!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and Happy Valentine's Day from our home full of love, to yours!

Love you all :)


Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Helpful Breast Self Awareness Guide

 Hi My Loves!!

I was just going through my emails and found this from Susan G. Komen and thought I would share as I think it's pretty helpful. I hope this helps any of you out there, wondering what to look for. 
I hope you are all having a beautiful week :)


Thank you for reading and please share this with all of your friends! 


Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Break From The Rain!

Hi My Loves!!!

It rained all day yesterday and it's supposed to rain the next few days as week, so this morning there was a break in the rain and we took full advantage of the sun coming out for the short while it did. We headed to walk around Tallac Historic Site and it was so gorgeous! We got some really cute pictures while we were there so I thought I would share :) Every time we go out for walks, I'm blown away with how beautiful Tahoe is and how I went so long not living here. I am appreciating it so much more than I ever have. Watching the kids run around the trees and playing in the sand on the beach just warms my heart and puts the biggest smile on my face. 

Phoenix saying "STOP" with his paw hands haha!

And then stopping the traffic ;)

 Baldwin Estates Tallac Museum is so pretty and the kids had so much fun exploring around.

I loved this little well (I think that's what it is haha)… the wrought iron looks like a heart.

Love how the sun beam looks in this picture I got of Lily.

Funny faces by the love well :)

Haha they are so cute!

Lily practicing her balancing on the logs with Daddy.

She made it!!

Phoenix was searching for big sticks and he found one!

Moo was stalking the rock in the air that Jay threw. Can you spot it?

Moo chasing more rocks haha!

And more rocks… just call her Moo the Retriever!

Moo had so much fun. She was bouncing around like a little puppy. It was so cute to watch!!

Hope you enjoyed my pictures. It was such a nice walk which turned into a run, as the rain came suddenly haha! I got my cardio in today, that's for sure!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far!

Here's my latest video!

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