Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Helpful Breast Self Awareness Guide

 Hi My Loves!!

I was just going through my emails and found this from Susan G. Komen and thought I would share as I think it's pretty helpful. I hope this helps any of you out there, wondering what to look for. 
I hope you are all having a beautiful week :)


Thank you for reading and please share this with all of your friends! 



  1. I hope that your intentions on posting this blog is clear and authentic. Thank you for the information anyways. I wish you put some of your personal experiences as well on the breast self awareness.

  2. You could def do a lot more since you have a platform but it's like you do the bare minimum. That's my honest opinion. It's sad considering your own mom suffered from cancer. I know if o had a public platform and could reach thousands of ladies if do way more than this or a pink eye look.

  3. Sam,

    thanks so much for sharing this. I'm one of those overzealous WebMD junkies and have done my best to quell my irrational medical fears by staying off the site for the last two years or so... Unfortunately, that has turned me into a bit of a lazy lump in regard to staying on top of important exams and information like this.

    Thanks to your posts and sharing your experience with SGK, I'm going to schedule a checkup for my yearly lady exam and be more keen on self exams!

    Thanks for all you do, lovely lady!