Thursday, February 5, 2015

How To Get A Haircut You Are HAPPY With!

Hi My Loves!

I've been getting so many questions about my haircut lately and people asking for the explanation of what I asked for at the salon. Whenever I go to the salon, I feel like to get the best result it's best to take a picture of what you want rather than trying to explain. Your version of a bob might be completely different than your stylist, so by taking pictures of lots of different styles and showing him/her what exactly you like about each picture will really help to get you the cut you want. When I worked at the salon years ago, I LOVED when my clients would bring me pictures. It just makes it so that you are both on the same page and there is no wondering. One person's version of short could be another's version of long hair so I can't stress enough how important it is to show your stylist what you want. They can then tell you what they think is best for your hair texture, face shape etc. Also be sure to tell them how you like to wear your hair on a regular basis, what you want as far as styling maintenance goes and how often you want to come in and get it trimmed.

 I went to Ulta in Billings and the girls name was Sam, so incase you are reading this and live in Billings, now you know haha. I'm really happy with the way my hair cut turned out. She was really nice and spent a good amount of time talking with me to make sure I got the haircut I wanted. I told her I was looking to get a "Lob" which is a long bog and it's on trend at the moment. It's also an awesome time saver in the mornings. It cut my drying time in half and makes it much easier to look decent most days (although the last few I have been a real slacker)… we can't all have great hair days every day right?

So here you go. If you want my hair cut. Go in, ask for a "Lob" and show your stylist these pictures. It's up to you how short or long you decide to go but these will help give an idea :)

This one is a super long version.. not even a lob but I think I'm just obsessed with the color ;)

Now this is definitely a short version but I thought the color was nice too. I'm thinking of going something like this soon. I like the sun kissed look.

I had to throw in a picture of Nicole Guerriero :) 

I loved the texture of this one. So pretty!

Loved the chicness of this one. Doesn't hurt that she is GORGEOUS!!! She looks like a doll.

I feel like mine looks the closest to this one when I decide to really style it and put some volume in it. 

And I always like to have an idea of what it will grow into. Which I think this one is perfect for. This is also a really great starter cut if you are taking the plunge and going from long to shorter. Try doing it in stages if you want to but are still really nervous ;) 

And here's me ;) Haha! This was right when I got back from the salon after my haircut.

Obsessed with hair and always will be…. and missing my blonde a slight bit :) I'm trying to decide what to do with my color next. Do I stay darker, do some soft sun kissed balayage or go full on blonde? If you have any pictures that you think would look good please let me know!! I just touched up my hair because my roots were driving me insane and I'm still not sure which direction I want to go but those delightful ash blonde roots will be in before I know it, waiting for the next hair adventure haha!!