Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An Exciting Weekend!

Hi My Loves!!!

This past weekend was super busy and very fun. I rode on a HORSE!!! Can you believe it! Little ol' nervous me actually got the guts to get up on that massive horse and ride! Now it was only for maybe 7 minutes haha but it was better than nothing :)

I will admit I was hanging on for dear life and I was really scared! It's super weird being up there that high on an animal! It just doesn't feel right haha! But it was a fun experience :) I can't say I'm dying to get on Bentley (the horse) again but at least I can say I did it.

We went to the zoo and saw a Bear eating a watermelon.... That's always fun!

If you want to see me riding the horse:

Couldn't finish this post without sharing this cute little picture of my Lily Bug from the Fourth of July. How cute is she??? I look like an idiot ;)

What have you done lately that is way out of the norm for you??

Thanks for reading/watching!