Monday, July 1, 2013

How To Update Old Furniture!

Hi My Loves!!!

Hope you are all doing well. This week past week was a great one for me. Not only did we finish my new makeup room (watch the tour below).... I finally reached 100,000 subscribers on my beauty channel!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!! So exciting!! I want to thank all of you for your support throughout the years of me doing my videos ;) If it weren't for you watching I wouldn't even be talking about this right now, so THANK YOU!!!! I love you all so much :) 

Now back to what this blog post is about. Last week we worked on my new makeup room and did a bunch of vamping up old furniture, so I'm going to share my before and after's with you as well as how and what we used to redo these pieces :)

Here is the first dresser we found on Craigslist. We bought it for $90. The first thing we did was remove all of the hardware. Next we removed all of the drawers after the hardware was removed and set them on the ground to start sanding, priming & painting.


We just kept these same handles but spray painted them using the Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. This stuff is amazing!!! It makes everything look brand spanking new and modern.

We replaced the top knobs with some big crystal knobs from Home Depot.

This was the mirror that came with it. We taped it off with Frog Tape and primed and painted this to match.

Here's the primer that we used. Kilz Complete. It's amazing, this has a great sticky finish so that your paint can adhere to it really well. We only had to do one coat of paint after we used this as a base. You can find it at Home Depot.

For the actual paint we used the Behr Ultra Pure White in Semi Gloss so that it would be easier to wipe down if I got makeup on the dressers. We love Behr. One coat with this was all it took after the primer to get the pure, crisp white we wanted.

Here is the SPray Paint we used for the hardware/handles. It's amazing and we used 2 coats of this but only because the wind blew the white primer on them after the first coat haha!

During the process......

Make sure to get a fine grit sandpaper and just sand any rough edges or scuffs etc on the dressers and drawers. I also sanded over the holes where the knobs were to make sure the paint would go over nice and smooth :)



Onto the second dresser: 
We found this on Craigslist too from the same person. This was $80! Such a gem! We did the exact same thing as with the first dresser. Removed all the hardware and drawers and lightly sanded, primed and painted with one coat. I loved the lines of this dresser... so old Hollywood glamour :)


We kept these same handles as well because I loved the shape of them. So pretty and you just don't see that kind of detail on furniture anymore.

We did the exact same thing to this mirror as the one above.



Here's the desk. I actually have had this for years. I found it at a garage sale before Phoenix was born for $5. It just so happened to be the matching desk of one of the dressers I found so it was really lucky!!! Again we just did the exact same steps on this as the other dressers, although this did take a bit more sanding thanks to Baby Sistor's dog Bella for chewing on the legs haha!!!



Now on all of the tops they already had that shiny, laminate type finish. We decided instead of painting over that, that we would just tape of the edges and leave it so that the surface would be much easier to clean seeing as it was going to be in a makeup room. 


Knobs are from Home Depot.


Now I did already recover these seats once. Take a look at that blog post HERE to see what they looked like before.

Since I already had the fabric that I liked I figured all I needed to do was repaint as I wasn't to keen on the black. We decided to go with the same color as my wall paint in my makeup room to keep it all matchy matchy :)

You can see in the picture below that the frame was initially painted black. We primed it first using the Kilz Complete primer and then after that was completely dry (I think we painted them 4 or 5 hours later) we painted them using the Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue color matched to Valspar Eggshell. (We used Valspar downstairs and had some leftover but I prefer Behr)



Here's the paint can.... bit messy haha!

This was after one coat of primer and one coat of the blue paint. We also finished these with Rustoleum Clear Gloss Spray Paint to keep them nice and glossy since the paint was eggshell.


There it is guys :) I am so happy with how these turned out. We knocked them out in a day and I hope this has inspired you to give some old furniture a bit of love and see how beautiful it turns out. Not only does this save a bunch of money, not having to go out and buy brand new furniture.... it's a fun project to do and you feel so accomplished when you finish, take a step back and admire your hard work. Plus the detailing in old furniture and hardware is so beautiful and you just don't see it nowadays..... Boy do I sound like am old fuddy duddy! Haha!!

Thanks for reading/watching!

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