Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disney INSIDE OUT Birthday Party Ideas!

Hi My Loves!

Over the weekend, Lily turned 3 and we had a super fun Inside Out themed party for her. She is obsessed with the movie right now and was so excited to have an Inside Out birthday party. In today's vlog I'm going to show you the Inside Out things I found for her party and where I got them :) I hope this helps if you have an Inside Out obsessed child like we do.

For the cake I ordered these Inside Out figurines from Etsy. I took them in to our local ice cream store and asked her to put polka dots with the colors of the emotions on the top and then small pink polka dots on there for Bing Bong. We always get ice cream cakes because it's always a hit with the kids (and let's face it, the adults love ice cream too)... I think it turned out pretty cute. Plus, when you are finished with the cake, you can rince off the characters and let your kids play with them. 2 in 1. Lily was super excited about the cake when she saw her "friends" on there.



Here she is trying to get a sneak peek when Jay picked it up :)

Lily got a new dress from my Aunt in England for her birthday the day before so she was very excited to wear it ;) Isn't she so cute?

She even let me put her hair in a ponytail with a hair bow!! WOW! I was so excited haha!

 For the table cloth, I went with this polka dot one I found at The Dollar Tree. The different colored circles looked like the different emotions memory balls.
We made our own Inside Out goodie bag. I'll have a separate blog post on that tomorrow. 

We added the kids names so that they could be given out quickly so that when we did the pinata (we couldn't find an Inside Out one) they could collect the candy and put them in their own bags.

 I found the plates from Oriental Trading. The prices were good on these too! The had the dessert plates and the dinner plates.

 I also got these Sadness and Joy napkins from Oriental Trading. The cups on there were $1 per cup so I chose these "memory ball" ones to go with the table cloth for $1 for all at The Dollar Tree. I went with yellow (Joy) and blue (Sadness) forks and spoons to go with the theme of her favorite characters.

I added some tins of candy from The Candy Club. Lily and her friend Teagan were pretty happy with them haha.

We decided to have her party at the park. Our house is a little small and can get cramped when there are a few people over. Plus I end up being super stressy, running around cleaning EVERYTHING like a lunatic before parties and then spend forever cleaning up after the party once it's over. This year I decided I wanted it to be less stressful for me haha. So the park was perfect. The kids had a blast, the parents could relax because they weren't worried about their kids touching things in our house etc and it was just such an awesome, fun and relaxing party for the parents, the kids and me :) It was a little smoky that day but the weather ended up being perfect. It was such a nice temperature. I feel like everyone really enjoyed themselves.

We ordered cheese pizza for the kids and BBQ Chicken pizza for the adults and it was so delicious. If you guys want good pizza in Tahoe, go to Grand Central. It's so amazing. Plus they delivered to the park which was super convenient for us.

The kids loved the cake as you can see below.

 We did the pull pinata so they could have a turn one at a time and then they all had so much fun collecting the candy :)

 Here's her presents. They were all super cute and she had so much fun! YAY for birthday parties!

Overall I think the party turned out great. Lily was super excited to see all of the Inside Out things, she loved her cake and had a ton of fun doing her favorite thing, swinging at the park. She loved playing with all of her friends and what kid doesn't love pizza, cake and ice cream. It was such an easy party to plan for me which made me enjoy it more because I wasn't nearly as stressed out as I normally am for their parties haha. So it was pretty awesome. At the end of the day, if your kids are happy with it, then that's all that matters and they both had a great day.

Thanks for reading!


Stay tuned for tomorrow's post for the goodie bags.