Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Sistor's Vanity & Bedside Table Makeover!

Hi My Loves!!!

This weekend I went over to my Baby Sistor's house because she wanted me to help her makeover her vanity and bedside tables. She is officially bored with the purple shabby chic bedding we chose for her a few months ago (I blogged about it, so go take a looky at what her room looked like before, you'll be able to see what these pieces looked like before Link!) Now she wants her room to be more sophisticated and has decided to go with a black and white theme with a splash of red.

So she asked me what she should do about her tables and vanity, so I said SPRAY PAINT!!!! I figured we could just spray paint them all a nice glossy black and pick up some new knobs for the vanity and it would give her the new sophisticated look without having to break the bank.

Here's the paint we picked out. We found it at Lowes for just under $7 (when did spray paint get so pricey??)..... 

We picked up 2 cans but ended up running out half way through, so here are the half way done pictures. 

This is the wood on the vanity before. 

We took all the hardware off first and then took out all the drawers and sanded them with 150 grit 3M sandpaper. 

The vanity had some major scratches all over the top and front of the drawers.... technically we should have sanded way longer or maybe with a different grit because we didn't get the scratches out at all haha.... we were rushing because the bees were going crazy and we were getting super irritated with them. 

You can see the places we didn't sand well enough, peeking through the paint. But this was the first coat.

Here are the bedside tables half way through before we ran out of paint. I had already painted those white, a few years ago so we didn't need to sand them at all. You can see how much nicer it went with one coat on them.

One more can of spray paint later and some new knobs from Lowe's and here's the finished result.

You can still see the scratches under the paint but oh well, it looks cute anyway :) How snazzy does it look with the knobs? I gave her my 2 pictures of the cupcake and Marilyn (it doesn't go with my decor anymore)..... they match so well with her current theme!

I love these knobs!!!! They were around $5 at Lowe's.

Here's the cute little bedside tables we painted. 

She also went to Ross and got some new lamps to match. How cute are these??? I'm so jealous. I'm sure if I went back to get some they would be gone, that's always the way with Ross :/

I also let her use my screen as a headboard. It was just sitting around, collecting dust..... so I figured it would look super cute in her new snazzy room :) 

Baby Sistor's new sophisticated bedroom :) It's like a romantic boudoir! 

She picked up the satin sheets at Ross, as well as the white comforter.

So that's how I spent part of my weekend :) 

Hope we inspired you to makeover something in your life :)

Happy Tuesday!