Monday, October 15, 2012

My Week in Instagram Pictures!

Hi My Loves!!!

I finally have been able to get back on Instagram now that I have a new phone with a camera that actually works :) It had been a long time!

If you don't follow me on Instagram it's just my name (don't wear it out haha).... samschuerman
So follow me on there and we can be picture buddies :)

Here's my last 2 weeks in Instagram piccies!

This was a shirt I was eyeing from Rue 21 and I'm just in love with mint right now. I love it! I didn't end up getting it but I thought it was sooooo cute!

My favorite thing for Fall. Mini cinnamon scented pumpkins that I pour into a little glass dish and it sits on our kitchen table. It makes your house smell delicious and adds a little festiveness. I got them at a local garden store here, so sorry I can't be more help as to where to find them. I just love Fall.... it's my favorite season.

Keeping with the Fall theme... here's my favorite Fall dinner. Chicken Pot Pie..... I posted my super easy recipe for it last week Link! so if you love a good pot pi and don't know how to make it, then go check it out! It's so good!!!

Another delightful dinner I made :) Pesto & Goat Cheese Pizza. This was so good!!! I'll have the recipe for it up later this week for those of you who asked. It's super easy and soooo quick! Perfect for busy Mommy's like me :)

On Saturday, Baby Sistor and I were doing some DIY projects at her house and we got a craving for a Baskin Robbins Chocolate Fudge milkshake (BEST EVER)..... Chocolate milkshakes are our weakness! So we sat in the parking lot in my car, drank our shakes and talked about one of the episodes of Impractical Jokers. We were dying laughing, while I was trying to describe one of the pranks they did. I'm sure we looked like complete idiots :) But it was a delightful sissy moment.

Ok now I'm looking like a real piggy... all I do is take pictures of food!! What can I say.... I love food!

So there they are. I'm so glad to be back on Instagram again :) Yay for my phone that actually works!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

What's your weakness?