Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What's New With Me???

Hi My Loves!!!

After being off for 1 month to have our baby girl..... I'm back!! Hope you didn't miss me too much :) Haha!

We did welcome our beautiful baby girl into our family last month (also the month of our wedding anniversary... how romantic!!!) My labor went very smoothly and she is healthy and gorgeous. Our lives are truly blessed to have 2 healthy and happy children and we couldn't be happier :) Thank you so much to everyone for all the congratulations and lovely warm wishes. You are all so sweet!

Our nap schedule isn't quite filming friendly at the moment and I'm not sure when I will be able to film a new video but luckily blogs don't need daylight to be written, so for now I will be updating on my blog, as I can write it at night once my babies are sleeping :) 

But enough about babies and nap schedules.....

Here's what's new with me :)

After months and months of not coloring my hair during my pregnancy, I finally colored it last week :) It was disgusting me every time I looked in the mirror. I have never had roots that long and it was seriously driving me crazy. I have never gone longer than 3 months without coloring my hair..... so this was a major thing for me!
For those of you who may want to know the color, I did it myself and I used Paul Mitchell The Color 10CB with 30 Volume Cream Developer all over my roots for 40 minutes. Then the next day (haha I couldn't finish it all at the same time) I foiled some highlights around the top and sides with Paul Mitchell Dual Purpose Lightener with 20 volume cream developer for 35 minutes.

(This is what my 5 minute mommy make up looks like that I talk about in #4.... super simple.)

As most of you know, my camera on my IPhone broke a long time ago so I wasn't able to use my Instagram anymore (enter sad face)!!! My Facebook also didn't work on my old phone (who the heck knows what I did to the silly thing)..... so anyway, I got a new phone because I just couldn't go any longer without being able to snap a quick picture of my babies without having to go and grab the actual camera.... so watch out Instagram here I come.... again :) YAY!

(My Instagram is just samschuerman)

Now this is a major surprise to us. We've never really been tv watchers but once you have kids and your nights become very routine and you stay in, you become friends with the tv :) We have never watched Glee before (honestly I used to think it was totally lame even though I had never watched it before)..... After X Factor was done, Glee came on and there was nothing else on tv, so we figured we'd give it a go. WE LOVED IT!!!!! The music is awesome, the singers are amazing and it's definitely amusing and makes both of us laugh, which is hard to do. Our sense of humor is very different. SO YAH...... I AM A GLEEK :) A suppose the moral of this story is DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER!!!

(Photo Source: Google)

Among Glee, here are the other shows that have been floating our boats:

*The InBetweeners 
(this cracks both of us up too)

(Photo Source: Google)

*X Factor
(Britney's facial expressions never fail to make me chuckle... does she ever close her mouth haha? This part just killed me!)

(Photo Source: Google)

*Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
(Ha!!! We love the sneezes... best part!)
(Photo Source: Google)

*Married To Jonas
We think they are so cute together. He seems like a very devoted husband and she seems very sweet and down to earth. I hope they can make it through the stress of having people watching your lives and relationship and picking you apart.....

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I know, I know.... how crazy is that??? A makeup guru who doesn't wear makeup? Haha!! Seriously though, it was only twice! The day I went into labor (a complete coinkidink as I had a doctor's appointment earlier that day, so I put it on for that and then it just so happened that it was still on that night when I went into labor, by then it looked like crap) and then I wore it a few days ago when we had family over for dinner. That's it. That is another first for me. I have never gone a month and only worn makeup twice but you know what??? I LIKED IT :) It's definitely different when you have 2 babies, no more makeup time unless you really need to put it on for an appointment or event haha!! And even then it's quick 5 minute makeup :) Good thing my skin is clear now :)

I was so shocked! Haha. Now I don't know if maybe I've been recognized before and the person just didn't come up and say anything... but this was the first time someone actually came up and told me they loved my videos! I'm sure I just stood there like an idiot with my mouth open because I was so caught off guard haha...... We were at Ross shopping and she came up to me and of course I looked like total poop with no makeup on!

She was so sweet and it totally made my day :) We didn't get to chat for long, so if it was you my lovely Ross buddy and you happen to see this, THANK YOU for being so sweet and letting me know you like my videos. I truly appreciate it and I apologize if I acted a fool ;) haha....

That's pretty self explanatory but can I say how much I love my life :) I feel truly blessed to have such an amazing family and I have never been happier or more content with my life. To have one of each is so lucky and to have both of them so healthy, feels amazing.

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That's really all that's new with me..... I'll try to get a blog post up of my September Favorites & Fudgeroos soon, seeing as it may be a while before I can get a new video up.

Hope you all had an amazing September!

Thanks so much for reading :)

Happy October!! What's everyone being for Halloweeny?