Monday, October 8, 2012

Belly Bandit... Really Worth it???

Hi My Loves!!!

As you all know I had a baby last month and if you've had babies before, then you know how tummy's tend to get after you've carried a beautiful little angel for 9+ months. A bit jello like :( This time around I decided to try the Belly Bandit as soon as I could. With my first, I used it but I think I started using a bit too late (maybe around 4 months after I had him, I honestly can't remember)..... so this time around I took that sucker to the hospital with me and put it on the first chance I could.

If you are not sure what the Belly Bandit is, then go and take a looky at the website for the correct information as I don't want to say something that it doesn't do... but basically you wear it after having a baby to help get your tummy looking like it did before you had kids :) It helps to shrink the uterus quicker or something like that.


I have been wearing mine now for just over 3 weeks. I can tell you that it really works!!!! I can see a huge difference in my tummy this time around versus last time. My stomach has gone down so much quicker than last time, is less jello like and looks way better, way earlier than it did last time. It's almost back to how it was before I got pregnant this time, just with a little more delightful battle wounds (stretch marks)..... It's almost flat again with a tiny baby pooch in the lower section.

It basically just wraps around your tummy, fastening with velcro. I must say it's not the most comfortable thing in the world, although it probably helps with posture. It's a little annoying if like me, you are constantly squatting/bending over and chasing a toddler around because the back of it tends to ride up and irritates me. But other than that it's fine. I will warn you though.... the first week to 2 weeks of wearing it, I couldn't wear it the whole day because it really brings on the cramping from helping your uterus to shrink. It definitely makes you cramp more than if you're not wearing it, so keep that in mind. The first week I could only manage to wear it for 2-3 hours. Now I can wear it all day, if I don't end up wripping it off from having a hot flash :)

As far as being noticeable under clothes..... you can definitely see it, the velcro is a bit thick, so it kinda pokes out and makes you look slightly thicker in the midsection than without it. However, it makes your tummy nice and tight so than when you walk your jello pooch isn'ty wobbling all over the top of your pants.

So to sum it up..... Would I recommend purchasing it????

Even though it's slightly uncomfortable, makes you hotter/sweatier than a dog and sometimes rides up your back...... IT WORKS! If you are like me and don't want to have to worry about your jello like tummy and what shirts you can wear to make it appear less flubbery, then I say it's worth the cons than come with it. This will help you to feel more comfortable with your tummy in the long run and I think you will be glad you got it once your done using it :) I know that I am very glad I have it.

Hope this helps ladies!!! Any help to getting your body back after kids, helps :)

Happy Tuesday!!