Monday, October 29, 2012

Come Shop With Me & BS!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! I sure did!!! Baby Sistor and I went shopping last week to pick up some last minute Halloween goodies and we had so much fun! I love my BS :) 

So come on a shopping tour with us and see what we saw.....

First stop was The Icing. I haven't been in that store for so long! We were having so much fun... I felt like a teeny bopper again :) Glasses anyone????
(How cute is BS with her new hair?) 

Here's what BS picked up from Icing. I love that bracelet with her skin color!! So pretty! No luck on the Halloween department but these were too cute to resist!

I was eyeing the Marilyn Monroe goodies..... love me some Marilyn. I didn't get anything but they were very cute!

These skinny jeans were at Wet Seal. I love the Damask pattern on them. The scarf was in Icing. The little giraffes are so cute. I liked how lightweight it was.

Then we headed over to Victoria's Secret (BS's favorite store) because she was trying to find some ruffly pink undies to go under her costume (no luck)..... I love these hoodies!! SO CUTE! Love all the sequins going on in VS right now. Then of course we had to go and have a sniffy around the smelly section :)

Those were my favorite scents!!! YUM! Plus that oil makes you glisten like a goddess and smell like a delightful flower :)

So now you have been virtual shopping with us..... did you have fun?? Haha!!

Thanks so much for reading!

 Your Shopping Buddy.....