Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dream Home Inspirations!

Hi My Loves!!!

I don't know if it happens to you guys but every single time I watch Property Brother's on HGTV, I end up feeling rather inspired and totally wanting to re decorate our home....  I don't have that luxury of re-doing our entire home decor every time I'm inspired...... So I go onto Pinterest instead and pin away to make my dream house :) Haha!!

Tonight was quite a delightful night for home decor pins and I figured I would share the ones that I thought were super fabulous with you :)

I LOVE this kitchen! Not only is it huge, open and bright... it's GLAMOROUS to the max! Snazzy wallpaper, chandelier and look at that island! HOLY CRUDMOLI... 
(The lettuce is a little strange in the glass thingys though.... haha)

I love this bathroom! The skylight makes it so bright and I love the cabinets! So much storage. I just think it's so bright and clean.

(Photo source: Pinterest)

I'll take this bathroom too! AMAZING!

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

How romantic is this bed??? I love the shape with all the pretty detailing. 

(Photo source: Pinterest)

This dining room is so pretty and feminine! The chairs are fabulous... the big white mirror.... I love it all, it's just luscious!

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

Now I'm not too keen on the table and chairs sitting there or the blanket or light fixture.... but I do LOVE the huge windows and the fact that it's got a massive window seat. I'm all about light and bright spaces and would be such a great spot to curl up with a snuggly blanket and read.

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

Can't forget about the garden! This is so cute! I wish I would have had a garden like this growing up! What whimsical moments I could have had searching for fairies :)

(Photo source: Pinterest)

So the next time you are watching Property Brothers and feel like re-doing your entire home.... just go onto Pinterest and put your dream home together, room by room... piece by piece! 
No budget required :)

Hope you like my Dream Home picks :)

Thanks so much for reading!

Hope you are having a dreamy week :)