Saturday, June 23, 2012

Baby Sistor's Bed Makeover!

Hi My Loves!!!

Today Baby Sistor and I were on the hunt for new bedding for her bed. Thanks to lovely little Bella (Baby Sistor's dog) her comforter was falling apart at the seams... feathers leaking out if it and all. Bella is a chewer :( 

So of course, being the fabulous big sister that I am.. haha (had to throw that in there)... I told her we should go to my favorite place ever to get home decor.... TARGET!!!!! YAH buddy, any excuse to go and browse the Shabby Chic section is a great day for me :)

I have always been the pink sister and BS has always been purple. We found this amazingly beautiful, feminine and delightful comforter and sham set in the Shabby Chic section. Incase you aren't lucky enough to have a Target in your hometown, here's the link to the exact one she got: Shabby Chic Lilac Tiara Ruffle Comforter Set $89.99 for a Full/Queen

She also picked up some new white sheets and pillowcases to go with the fabulous comforter set. They are seriously so soft, they feel like silk! I am so jealous!!! I may have to pick us up some because they are divine!!! Here's the exact ones she got: Room Essentials® Microfiber Sheet Set (White) $24.99

The little white tables were actually ours that we had found at a garage sale a long time ago and painted white. I gave them to her when she moved out :) We found the mirror this weekend at a garage sale too for $5! I told her if I find a big snazzy painting that matches, I will get it for her for above the bed to replace the mirror, but for now this works. It's hard finding the perfect picture!

I have no idea where she got the little plant doodad.

OK... now is it just me or is that elephants trunk slightly perverted.... HAHA!! Maybe I just have my mind in the gutter but it's a bit naughty looking :) She got this as a gift I think. My Mom used to always have elephants with their trunks up around the house, she said it was good luck. Well this thing is WAY up there!! Baby Sistor's got some major good luck coming her way!! Haha! DING....

I bought the pillow for her as an early birthday present (and then I end up forgetting I got it for her and buy her tons more so let's just say it's a "Thanks for being my sister" gift haha) because I felt like she just couldn't have a snazzy set and no fancy pillow. I wanted to get two but the other one had a big stain on it :( But seeing it put together I actually think one looks perfect. This one was in the teen bedding section. Here's the exact one: Xhilaration® Flower Decorative Pillow - White (On sale for $18.99) It's super soft material too!!!

Here's a close up of the little ruffled edge.... so dainty!

So there it is! A beautiful bed for a beautiful Baby Sistor! We had so much fun getting it all snazzied up. BS loves it and now I'm super jealous and want to re do our room. Poor Jay! 

Hope you like her bed makeover. I didn't post before pictures because the comforter was just a complete feathery mess!

Thanks for reading :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and sweet dreams in your beautiful beds. (I had a horrible dream last night... don't you just hate that??)