Friday, July 20, 2012

Golden Birthday......

Hi My Loves!!!

So it's officially 1 week till my birthday! I only just realized it was my Golden Birthday this year when my friend told me ;) I didn't even know what that was! I will be turning 27 on July 27th... which is when the Olympic's start..... in the country I was born in!! What a coinkidink!!!! Pretty snazzy I think.

How cool is this birthday cake??? If you love MAC, you would love this :) So fun!!!

(Photo Source: Google)

I feel like this year has gone by so fast already, that my birthday totally snuck up on me. I've been so busy,  I haven't even had time to think about what I wanted. So when Baby Sistor asked me the other day what I wanted for my birthday... I just sat there, blank. That never happens!! LOL. So I have one week to get some ideas of what I want. She's taking me shopping the day of my birthday and letting me pick out some goodies. 

So here's where I need your help. I honestly have no idea what I want....... I'm sure all of you lovely ladies can help me out with some snazzy ideas of what to pick out on my b'day shopping trip.

So leave a comment of what you are lusting after right now....

Yay for birthdays :)

And here is my Friday Favorites & Fudgeroos this week... without the fudgeroos ;)

Thanks for reading!

Still 26.... Sam