Monday, July 23, 2012

Decisions, decisions!!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

Sorry I've been MIA from blog posts this weekend... I'm so naughty! Tsk... Tsk...

As you know my birthday is on Friday (yay) and I've been trying to decide what I may possibly want. I don't think I want makeup, as I have a lot and I've been dying to switch up our bedding for so long now. It's got little tears in the patchwork and it's honestly looking a bit poo. We've had the same quilt on there now for over 2 years and that is seriously the longest we've ever had the same bedding. Normally I switch it up every 6 months haha!!

 I'm having a hard time deciding. I really want to go with an all white theme. I know that's a bit risky with kids but I figure it's the easiest to bleach out if it does happen to have a disaster of a mess, delightly spilled or puked on etc... haha oh the glamorous life......

Here are the ones I have my eye on at the moment. I'd love to know which one is your favorite.

Nice white, feminine and ruffled........

# 1. Simply Shabby Chic Smocked Duvet Set

Or do I stick with my super girly pink and green floral......

#2. Simply Shabby Chic Misty Rose Comforter Set

Another version of the white, feminine and ruffled.....

#3. Simply Shabby Chic Heirloom Comforter Set

Maybe I more modern white...... maybe more man friendly? Not that Jay cares..... I actually really like this one!

#4. Target Home Pinched Pleat Duvet Set

A slightly different version of the one above.... plus this one is on sale! Cool beans!

#5. Target Home Texture Comforter Set

Ok so there you have it. Those are my options. I've numbered them for you so you can let me know which number is your fave :) 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and I will see you tomorrow with a new video :)

Thanks for reading!

Happy Monday :)