Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bedroom Makeover Inspirations!

Hi My Loves!!!

I've been really wanting to change my bedding ever since Baby Sistor and I redecorated hers. I always keep my eye out for inspirations bedrooms on Pinterest, Google or in magazines etc...... Here are a few that caught my eye and I thought I'd share them with you.

Now this one is be far my dream bedroom. It's so amazing however I feel like this is highly unrealistic seeing as I have a toddler running around and a baby on the way. I can just imagine the delightful spills in this room! Although the good thing with white bedding is that you can always bleach it...... hmm???? I love the wallpaper!

I don't particularly care for the brown in this room but the bed, door frame and dresser is fabulous. I would love to have a bed like this! I'm assuming the little beds at the end are for their pets?? Very cute, though Moo would never use it! Haha!

I also really love this headboard with the nightstand. I'm not too keen on the fur.....

LOVE THIS!!! It looks so clean and crisp and bright.

The other thing I have been thinking about doing (thanks to Pinterest) is making our own headboard out of doors. I love headboards but the ones I want are way too expensive, maybe one day but now at the moment. So I've been trying to get ideas on a possible DIY Door Headboard project while the weather is still nice. Obviously Jay would do it as I'm pregnant but I could tell him how I want it. So I found a few that I liked.

I like the big crown moulding look on this one with the little lamps attached. Very grand looking.... I don't like the rest of the decor though.. just the actual headboard.

Shutters would also be a cute look depending on the rest of the furniture and decor....

Here's another one that looks pretty simple to make. Two doors attached and then add some crown moulding on top..... sounds ok!

That's all I have found so far. If you see any that fit the bill... feel free to post them on my facebook page ;) Or maybe if you have a snazzy room or bed yourself, post a pic! I'd love to see!!!

Thanks so much for reading!!

Happy Thursday :)