Sunday, July 29, 2012

Super Satisfaction.......

Hi My Loves!!!

I might be a complete weirdo... ok let's rephrase that, I know I'm a complete weirdo... but maybe I'm not the only one!! Haha......

There's something so satisfying about burning out a candle all the way till it's done. Is that strange??? Technically I should feel sad, which in a way it's like.... Nuts, now I need more. But I get so excited when I actually use something till the very last drop. Haha. I hope that makes sense.

So here's is my current used till the last drop. I just finished these. They no longer burn as it's all the way to the very bottom. These have lasted me sooooooo long. I can't even remember when I got them but I know it was last year around fall time. 

I've been burning them a lot lately, even though it's technically not a summer scent.... I just love the smell of pumpkin spicy goodness. And it sure beats the smell of potatoes that I'm still weirdly smelling..... I'm sure people are getting so sick of me asking!! My neighbor came over last week and that was the first thing I asked haha.... she said no. I don't know. I think it's just my upper lip haha. (NOT REALLY)
 So anyway, I burn these and then bam..... the dirty potato stink is gone and I'm a happy little flower :)

What weird thing you gives a super satisfaction??? Are you a candle all burned out weirdo like me?

Let me know, I love knowing more about you guys :)

Thanks for reading!

Happy Sunday!!