Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Favorite Curry!!!

Hi My Loves!!!

I've had quite a few people asking me about how I make my curry from a while ago and so last night when I made it, I thought I would snap a few pictures so you guys could see what I use. I would love to sound all snazzy and say I make it from scratch but I'm not nearly that cool :)

This is a super easy dinner to make and so yummy if you love a good curry. I have tried quite a few different jarred sauces and this is by the best by far. It's not too spicy but has great flavor.

It's the Patak's Simmer Sauce Tikka Masala Curry. I used to have to get it at World Market but they started carrying it at Walmart a few months ago so that's exciting. Ours runs out super fast though, so I always make sure I stock up. 

I basically just cut up 2 chicken breasts into small pieces, throw them in the pan with some olive oil and cook them on medium-high heat until they are nice and white and now deathly with salmonella :) Then I add the whole jar of sauce with a little bit of water (just add some to the jar to get the leftovers out) and reduce the heat to simmer and let it sit with the lid on for about 15 minutes :) Make some white rice and ding.... you are done.  

Normally I make broccoli as a side (we were out) and we always eat Naan Bread with it too (we were also out of that). I get mine at Walmart in the bakery section. It's so yummy!!!! I just spread a little butter on it and stick it in the broiler for a couple minutes.

Enjoy :)

Happy Sunday!!!