Monday, July 16, 2012

Bikini Dilemma....

Hi My Loves!!!

It's hot. It's been SUPER hot here..... times it by a lot when you are pregnant and what do you get??? A super sweaty, waddling pregnant woman.. haha!

We love going to all the little wading pools and splash parks to cool down. We are very fortunate to have lots to choose from here and they definitely help in keeping me cool.

Here's the problem...... I can not find a bikini top that covers up my girls!!! It's so frustrating. When I was a little younger, I was all about showing some cleavage, looking all snazzy.... but life changes and so have my girls! Haha... Now I need something that still looks nice, not old lady, but covers them up and keeps them in place. It's almost embarrassing to take off my shirt because they are so ridiculous in a bikini top. I find myself taking off my shirt and then 5 minutes later putting it back on because I feel like one of them might just pop out to say hello and frighten all the other kids and moms. NOT GOOD.

(Photo Source: Google)

So I figured who better to ask than all of you lovely ladies. I know a lot of you have kids and I'm sure a lot of you have some big you know whatties like me....... so help me out girls!!! Where can I find a bikini that has a good coverage, stays in place, is running around after your toddler while bending over friendly and still looks like I'm in my 20's and not my 80's???.... WOW, that's a pretty big wish list for a bikini. Forget House Hunters, they need a show called Bikini Hunters! 

Let me know!!

Thanks for reading :) Hope you all had a lovely weekend.