Monday, November 12, 2012

My Week In Instagram Pictures #4....

Hi My Loves!!!

This week was an excellent one in Instagram pictures. I snapped some really cute ones of my beautiful little angels. Oh how I love them!!!

Take a little looky :)

Here's my beautiful little Princess Lily in my top that I wore as a baby! How cool is that??? I'm so glad my Mom saved a few of my baby clothes for me. It's really special :)

Here's one of our favorite dinners. Pesto, Tomato & Goat Cheese Pasta. Here's the recipe Link! It's so easy to make and super yummy!

This is what our home smells like at the moment. It's in all of our Scentsy's and it smells so good!!! I'm obsessed. It's like a warm, sweet kind of smell. It's lasted quite a while too!

Here was another of Lil's outfits. You guys didn't actually get to see this in the vlog because I changed her before we filmed it :( But she looked so cute!!! 

Daddy & Phoenix watching Lana Del Rey's "Blue Jeans" on the tv, while eating some melon :) 
They love melon!!! Look at those curls!

This was at the beginning of the week when we spilled some pretzels haha!! Phoenix decided to grap the broom and clean up his mess :)

Look at this cupcake ornament!!!! So cute!!!!! We found these at Walfart for only $1.97 :)

Last but not least..... my little Angel sitting at the place where we took our car to get fixed. He was such a good boy, sitting in the chair. What a little beauty! 
How did I get so lucky in life???

So that was our week in piccies!

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Here's what we did yesterday:

Thanks for reading!