Friday, November 2, 2012

X Faxtor Chat!

Hi My Loves!!!

We love X Factor.... it's my jam ;) Haha! 
I love it even more this year with the new judges. I love looking at Demi's makeup, watching Britney's funny facial expressions and listening to Simon say exactly what I had said about the performance the second before.... (We must be psychic buddies).

So let's chat about who we are routing for this year!

Our picks:

#1. Paige Thomas
(Source: Google)

First of all she is soooooo beautiful! I just think she is absolutely stunning and I wish I looked like her! Her style is super different and who else can pull off such a short haircut and still look super feminine??  Plus she has a great voice. We both love her.

#2. Vino Alan
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I love his voice. It's super rugged and sexy. Plus I have to admit I'm a bit of a sucker for the whole bad boy, tattoo look he's got going on. My Dad hates that about me haha! Jay thinks he's pretty fab too :) 

#3. Emblem3
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These kids are cute. Not only are they pretty good looking (I'm sure the girlies love them).... but they have a super fun energy and I loved their performance on Wednesday. It sounded like it was written for them. Definitely fun!!

So who are you loving this season! Let me know!!

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I live in the UK and prefer the American X Factor this year, the talent is crazy, especially in the teens. I do think 13 is far too young to be involved in something like this though, they should be concentrating on school until 16 at least. I love Vino too, he seems like he has a good heart, and you can hear that when he sings.

  2. They lost me as a viewer when they made the MISTAKE of passing on Jeffery Adam Gutt! He's a local guy with extraordinary talent. Around here there was so much excitement for much pride. They NEED TO BRING JEFF BACK!!!!

  3. I searched for your name on YouTube and another channel popped up Sam Schuerman with 7,000+ subscribers. Is that your channel too? An old one? Did I miss something?