Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Makeup Must Haves for $50...

Hi My Loves!!!

One of my lovely twitter buddies @madmaz4689 asked me on twitter, if I could have a makeup kit for $50 which items would I choose?

#1. Sigma F88 Foundation Brush $18.00

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You all know I'm obsessed with this brush. I can't apply foundation without it. It's like my drug!! Haha :)

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I don't currently wear this at the moment but this is a great foundation. Beautiful coverage, great finish, looks beautiful on the skin, not cakey and is super easy to blend. It's not great for oily skin and the color range is rather pathetic but still a great foundation for a decent price.

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I LOVE THIS BRONZER!! It's cheap, matte and the perfect color to contour.

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I feel like this blush will look pretty on so many skin tones. It's the perfect peach and is really pigmented for a drugstore blush..... and you know I'm a blush snob :)

(Source: Mac)

Now I had to put this in here because it's my all time favorite lip liner of life. I will never get sick of it. I've already used up like..... 2, I think. It's just delightful.

(Source: Target)

My favorite mascara of life. If you have rather sad lashes like I do, then you will love this. It's drama for your eyes :)

(Source: Target)

This is a great quad. It's super sparkly and has a nice selection of light and dark colors. You can use them if you want a simple, bright eyed look or use the dark for a nice smokey eye with that little extra snazz :)

So I realize I went over by a few bucks and that doesn't cover everything you need but it takes care of the basics for me at least. I hope this helps love!!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Tuesday :)