Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Halloween 2012!

Hi My Loves!!!

Since we weren't vlogging on Halloween, I thought I would share our little ones outfits with you guys! We had so much fun this year with Phoenix being a little older. He actually could participate this year and he loved it!!! We had my Dad, Shelli, her son and Baby Sistor over a few nights before and I cooked Spaghetti Bolognese and it was a great night.
 We carved our pumpkins and here are the results :)

Phoenix was super excited!

Shelli and Phoenix carved this one for Lily. Isn't it cute? We named it Wilson. Phoenix loved it. He kept carrying it everywhere haha!

Jay did this one for Phoenix. I think it turned out rather fab!!

This was the morning of the carving day. I had them in their little festive gear :) Isn't that hat cute?

My little beauty!

On the actual day of Halloween, Jay and I took the babies trick or treating. Unfortunately our neighborhood was not super exciting.... only two houses gave out candy!! WAH WAH WAH :( 
But here is what we wore :)

I quickly plopped some eyeliner and lipstick on my face and made some ears out of paper and a headband so I could be Minnie Mouse. Those lines are supposed to be lashes haha!

Lily was a ballerina but she wasn't too happy with her hat :( She looks a little nervous in these pictures haha!! I really wanted to have Lily be Minnie as well but trying to find a costume for her size was soooo hard! So we went with a super girly ballerina instead. Phoenix was Mickey Mouse :)

He was not impressed with the gloves!! Haha.... he kept taking them off the whole time.

LOL look at Lily and her little boxing pose! How funny!

She cracks me up!

His pants look super short in these pictures but I swear they covered his legs haha!!!

A little snuggle :)

I ended up taking off the hat and putting on her little ballerina jacket with a hood instead haha.... she just was not feeling the hat!

I made some ears for Jay too :) 

So that was our Halloween this year. I must say it's so much funner when you have kids!! 
We had a blast :)

Hope everyone had fun too!

Thanks for reading :)