Friday, November 16, 2012

TAG: $200 Santa Wish List!

Hi My Loves!!!

@haverinlass asked me on Twitter this week this question:
If Santa gave you a $200 Christmas budget, what would you ask for?
Good dilly dang question my love!!!!

So here is my $200 budget Santa List :) 
I tag you all do do it, whether in a video or blog post or by just leaving a comment... maybe we will all get some good ideas!

#1. Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation $34.00 Link!


Ever since I saw ItsJudyTime reviewing this, I have really wanted to try it. The coverage looked amazing on her and she looked so flawless. It sounds like something that I would love.

#2. Marika Magic Tummy Control Pant $60.00 Link!


I actually have 2 pairs of these pants already. I bought mine from Hautelook for only $19 each! I wish I would have ordered more because they are seriously all I wear. They have a perfect amount of coverage so that all your cellulite isn't saying hello to everyone.... they are super comfy and they are perfect for the Mom's or anyone who has a little pooch pooch going on. They come up to the bellybutton and suck in that darn tummy :) I wear a size Medium for reference.


#3. A Trip to the Salon :) $95-$105

I don't have a picture for this but I really want to get my hair colored. I'm so sick of doing it myself in the bathroom lol...... If you guys have any ideas for my hair let me know. I'm super sick of the color but I'm liking the length.

That's my limit!!! Haha that was quick!

So there you go Santa Baby (Jay, wink wink)

Thanks for reading!