Monday, November 19, 2012

My Week In Instagram #4...

Hi My Loves!!!

Here was my week in Instagram pictures. I must say I've been pretty good at keeping up with the snapping of the piccies :)

Here is my Hautelook Haul. Haha.... rather small but still a haul. This is all Pacifica smellies that I ordered a few weeks back. They were super cheap and they smell AMAZING!!!! If you haven't given them a sniff before, you should! 

Last week Phoenix, Lily and I went to our playgroup. It's basically just a bunch of other Mom's and their kids that rotate at each others houses once a week and get together, so that the kiddies can have some fun. Phoenix was obsessed with this play vacuum cleaner. He played with it forever! That's definitely going to be on his Christmas Wish List this year, along with the many other toys haha! 

On Jay's day off, we went to good ol' Walfart to do some grocery shopping and pick up some Christmas Decor. We had to get our tree and we also picked up these mini trees for the babies rooms. We got the little ornaments to match for their trees and then one big one for each of them for our main tree. Every year we're going to let them pick out an ornament for the tree, write the year it was picked on it somewhere and then when it's time for them to leave home..... (insert sad face) they will have a nice little start to their own trees :)

Last week one of Jay's coworkers was eating this kipper smoked herring and Jay wanted to give it a go. OMG!! That stuff is soooo good! It has a really nice smokey flavor, not too fishy and goes great with cheese and crackers :) Try it, you may love it!

Look at my little superman helper!! Isn't he the cutest little laundry man you've ever seen?? I think so! He is the best little helper.... he's just so sweet! I'm the luckiest Mommy alive :) I just love my babies so much!

Those were my pictures :)

Hope you all had a fab weekend! We did :) 
We got our tree up and I'm in love with it!! It's my dream tree haha!!


Thanks for reading!