Sunday, January 10, 2016

Daily Food Diary #9 | Jan. 9th 2016


 I figured I'd ease myself into this whole situation. Let's face it. I'm a sweet tooth. I love chocolate. I've been craving it so badly and it's terrible. I'm only a week in so I'm not ready to have one cheat meal. So for now I'm doing a cheat day and then eventually I'd like to get down to one cheat meal. It's baby steps haha!

I ended up getting a whole lot of exercise yesterday just from keeping busy around the house but I didn pig out and it was amazing. I did ended feeling very guilty by the end of the day. I also felt sick, had major stomach grumblies and i had awful heart burn all night while I was sleeping. Chocolate eh?

Here's what I ate today.

2 Toaster Strudels (they tasted fake)
1 small glass of orange juice
16 oz water

1 Cup of PG Tips Tea with Milk
8 Cadbury's Caramello Chocolates

Tortilla Soup with extra chips :)
16 oz water
Recipe HERE!

3 slices of BBQ Chicken Pizza 
16 oz water

Chocolate Lava Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream