Monday, January 11, 2016

Daily Food Diary #11 | Jan. 11th 2016

What a night we had. Poor Lily had a fever all day on and off and all night, so we were up most of the night with her trying to help her feel better. It's no fun when your babies are sick! 

No gym today because Lily stayed home from school and our gym has no childcare. PLus she's still not feeling well. Neither is Jay.

Here's what I ate today.

1 Grapefruit
Turkey, tomato, kale & 1/2 avocado scramble (no egg)
1/2 cup of Green Tea
8 oz water

(it was supposed to be snack but time got the best of me... it's been a busy day)
Handful of raw almonds
1 orange
16 oz water

Dinner: Turkey & Kale Soup (Recipe HERE)
This was so good guys! I highly recommend it. YUMMY!!
16 oz water

Once again I'm not happy with today's diet. I missed both my snacks and I didn't drink enough water. Hopefully tomorrow I will do better.

See you tomorrow!

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