Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Me & My Lily Bug in Long Beach!

Hi My Loves!!!

I have more pictures for you today from our Long Beach trip. I hope you aren't getting sick of all the pictures but we just took so many!

Jay was filming my outfit of the day this day while we were in Long Beach after the aquarium. There was a gorgeous lighthouse and the ocean was all around, it was so pretty there! Jay snapped a few really cute pictures of Lily and I and also managed to get some nice ones of me too. I very rarely like pictures of myself and so when I saw these ones I was rather excited haha! Even my Dad asked for me to print one out and frame it for him and the last time that happened was for my senior pictures so I was pretty excited that he wanted a picture of me haha! Does that sound weird??? I suppose every girl, young or old wants their Dad to think they are pretty. I tell Jay all the time to make sure he tells Lily she's beautiful all the time :) Women like to hear those words you know! Men like to hear that they are handsome or buff too haha! Although I always tell Phoenix he's beautiful as well..... he is :)

How do you like Lily's little tuffs of hair blowing in the wind? So cute!

This marina was gorgeous! 

Oh how I miss the ocean!!

Wind makes all the difference in a picture haha!!

Here I look like a have a mullet but Lily looks so cute :) Her dress is from Target I think :)

Here is the city behind me. The couple behind me asked Jay is he could tak their picture after they saw him taking mine. They were so sweet ;)

Lily is having a great old time here!!!

We were watching Phoenix run around. He loved it up there too :)

Thanks so much for reading! 

See you tomorrow with more pictures from our trip to sunny California ;)