Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Aquarium of the Pacific!

Hi My Loves!

Here are the pictures from our California vacation.... day 2. We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific and had so much fun. This was actually one of all of our favorite days. Disneyland was a lot for Phoenix to take it so I can't say he loved it, however he did LOVE this aquarium. He's obsessed with fish and he enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful sea life. He wanted to touch everything haha!


Here's me and Lily having fun watching the sea otters. They were so cute!

These were so cool to touch! They were kind of sticky and would grab on to your fingers. Phoenix loved touching them which I thought for sure he would be scared but no... he said again, again!

He was not so impressed with the frogs though haha!

These were super cool. The colors were beautiful in this tank ;)

These were funny little fellows....

Phoenix loved this tank because it was huge and full of super cool fish.

We love Sea Horses!

I though for sure Phoenix would be scared of this big old thing... but he liked it haha!

The sea lions were having a nice time with each other if you get what I'm saying haha!!! WHat are the odds of catching them while they were getting frisky??

Amused about something but I can't remember what haha!

This was Phoenix's favorite part of the aquarium. He loved these penguins haha.... His blankie was around him at all times during this trip as it was the first time away from home and I think it was that little bit of home for him. 

He loved this guy a lot!

The jellyfish scared Phoenix. He was not having any part of that haha!!

Lily thought they were pretty cool, that girl is fearless :)

We had an amazing time at the aquarium. The food was delicious in the little restaurant upstairs too. We got a great show of the sea lions and it wasn't too badly overpriced. We were really impressed with everything that they had there and would recommend it to anyone. If we are ever down there again we would go again for sure ;)

Hope you enjoyed our pictures!!!

Here's what I wore while we were there:

Thank you so much for watching/reading :)