Monday, June 24, 2013

How To Prepare & Maintain a Spray Tan

Hi My Loves!!!

Today's video is something a little different than I normally do but I thought it might be fun :) A few weeks ago we went away to California and I wanted to get spray tan for the Generation Beauty event that I was attending. I figured all the girls going would have a lovely tan and I didn't want to go feeling pale and un glowy :) So I figured for those of you wondering what getting a Spray Tan consists of.... I would film in there for you, so you could get an idea of what to expect incase you are curious. After all, I've always got your back haha!

I decided to go with the VersaSpa spray tan this time. I've only spray tanned once before a few years ago so this was my first time using VersaSpa. The location I chose was called Versatan and it was super convenient for me as it's close to my parents house (they watched the kids for me) so that worked out perfectly!

So check out my latest video and come and SPRAY TAN WITH ME!!

I also wanted to share the products I use to prepare and maintain my spray tan. You want to get it to last as long as possible, especially if you are getting it before a trip or snazzy event, wedding, honeymoon, etc. Here are the products that helped me to keep it lasting a lot longer. Mine lasted just about 2 weeks all in all which I think is pretty darn good :)

The first thing I used at home before I went was the VersaSpa Sunless Pro Pre Tan Exfoliant. This is a scrub that you use before a spray tan or sunless tanning lotion/spray to help exfoliate all of the dead skin cells off of your skin. I shaved my legs, etc... first and then exfoliated everywhere to help the spray tan go on more even and not stick to any dry spots on my body. It has a nice clean, fresh scent and it exfoliates nicely. It does lather pretty well too.

After my spray tan I wore loose clothing and waited until the next morning to shower. They recommended waiting as long as possible to shower for maximum tanning results. To keep the spray tan looking as good as the first day for a long period of time, I washed my body with the VersaSpa Sunless Pro Body Cleanser. This is specifically designed to help maintain your sunless tan/spray tan. It has a clean, fresh scent again and lathers nicely as well. Leaves you feeling clean but moisturized as it's a nice creamy formula. You don't feel like it's stripping off your tan every time you wash which I really feel helped to keep my tan looking as good as new the whole 2 weeks. I highly recommend getting this as I feel it really helped to keep my tan :)

I didn't actually use this while on my trip as I was trying to cut back on big, bulky things to pack however I have used it after a sunless tanning that I did at home, as well as just using it as a daily gradual tanner. It can be used as both. Using it after a sunless or spray tan to help maintain it works amazingly at keeping and intensifying your tan. It also moisturizes really well. It does feel very moisturized for a long time which is nice but it does take quite a while to dry after you apply it, so it's a bit of a pain to apply if you are in a rush because you feel like you will get it over your clothes. It does work really well though, it gives you a great color and definitely helps to keep your tan lasting longer. It does give you a bit of a burnt toast smell though so keep that in mind. Maybe use it up until the night of the event and then skip that specific day. If you are like me and don't go out much then it's not a big deal :) Jay thinks I smell nice all the time haha!!!

It comes out like it's going to be a mousse but it is thick and creamy like a lotion. A little bit goes a long way so this will last a really long time!

Here is the consistency of the body cleanser and the exfoliant. 

So there are my thoughts on my 2nd spray tan and how I kept the color lasting for a long time. I highly recommend getting a VersaSpa spray tan. It was natural looking, lasted a great amount of time and was very quick and easy to do. It literally took about 2 or 3 minutes to spray and a total of about 15 minutes in all to do. It's great for people like me who don't want to tan in beds or lay out for hours in the sun but still want to have that beautiful, tan glow.

I hope this has helped :)

Thanks for reading/watching!